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By: Rmc  06-Dec-2011
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Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves

RMC's Pressure and Temperature Relief (P & T Relief) Valves are safety controls fitted to pressurised hot water systems. These valves ensure that the temperature of the water in a pressurised, unvented water heater cannot exceed 99°C in the event that the normal heater thermostat controls fail.

Expansion Control Valves
RMC's Expansion Control Valves are fitted to the inlet of a water heater and limit the maximum pressure in the system.

Pressure Control Valves
RMC's Pressure Control Valves reduce or limit supply pressure to a preset maximum pressure.

Isolating & Non-Return Isolating Valves
RMC Non-Return Valves prevent the backflow of water from a water heater to the mains line. Isolating valves are used to provide a shut-off on the supply line for ease of servicing.

Tempering Valves
RMC Tempering Valves are primarily intended for application at the water heater. They mix hot water from the heater with cold water to deliver tempered water at a constant temperature throughout an entire house, building or system.

Solar Control Valves
RMC Solar Control Valves are specifically intended for use with solar water heaters. The range includes a number of valves, performing the various functions of a non-return valve, line strainer, pressure limiting valve and other more specialised controls.

Keywords: Control Valves, Relief Valves, Valves, Water Heater