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By: Riverbed  06-Dec-2011
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"By reducing the amount of data traversing the WAN, the savings in bandwidth costs alone paid for our investment in Riverbed."
—Steve Schmitt, IT Manager, Le Coq Sportif

In today’s business technology environment, there’s more — more data in more places, more distance between worker and office, more regulations, and more demands on IT. But at the same time, there’s less — less time and less money for IT resources and infrastructure.

The Riverbed WAN optimization solution gives you the tools you need to meet these challenges. With Riverbed, you can accelerate your network, optimize your infrastructure, and simplify management, while scaling to meet the needs of even the most complex IT environment.

How can Riverbed help you do more with less?

Enhance Performance

Realize dramatic performance improvements across the broad range of applications enterprises care about most.

  • Ensure fast, reliable access to data and applications for employees around the globe. Achieve LAN-like performance for mobile employees, no matter where they are. Drive faster performance to primary and secondary data centers for DR processes.
  • Meet the ongoing challenges of enterprise application performance. Enhance visibility into all key applications that cross the WAN. Quickly identify and resolve problems, eliminate pain points, validate that problems were resolved successfully, create global controls, and optimize applications for future business needs.
  • Address application- and TCP-level protocol chattiness to eliminate inefficient behavior and drastically reduce redundant roundtrips.

Optimize WAN Bandwidth & Avoid Costly Upgrades

Reduce network traffic, relieve network congestion, and lower costs.

  • Cut bandwidth utilization, typically by 60-95 percent, using data deduplication across all TCP-based applications. Data is analyzed at the byte level, ensuring that the maximum amount of redundant data is eliminated before it crosses the network.
  • Free up bandwidth for other applications, like VoIP or Citrix, so they can perform better.
  • Minimize the need for expensive WAN upgrades — in an office served by a T1 (1.5 Mbps), you can deliver bandwidth equivalent of up to between 3-30 Mbps just by adding Steelhead appliances to your WAN link.

Streamline IT Operations & Infrastructure

Optimize your existing environment, reduce IT overhead, and align IT investments with the business.

  • Use the infrastructure you already have more efficiently, and cut the use of bandwidth, routers, and switches.
  • Deploy in a matter of minutes by following a virtually plug-and-play process.
  • Configure, update, and monitor performance through a single web-based interface, the Riverbed Central Management Console (CMC)
  • Easily scale to hundreds or thousands of branch offices and mobile workers.
  • Integrate with Cisco and other networks, alongside VoIP, video conferencing, and QoS.
  • Enhance visibility into your infrastructure and analyze how IT resources are being used. 
  • Use this knowledge to accelerate key applications, fine-tune systems, and allocate resources to best meet enterprise needs.

Visibility and analytics go well beyond simple reporting that confirms whether the infrastructure is up and running. True optimization-oriented visibility breaks down data into a deeper understanding of how applications are performing, analytics that set alerts when anomalous performance is detected, and details on which sites can benefit most from further optimization. This type of visibility can impact many different initiatives, including:

  • Implementing and managing service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Accelerating troubleshooting and mean time to respond (MTTR) to incidents
  • Determining the impact of application acceleration and WAN optimization
  • Analyzing future IT investments in relation to business priorities

Consolidate IT Infrastructure Without Sacrificing Performance

Lower costs, improve security, and ease regulatory compliance.

  • Consolidate multiple global and regional data centers — no need to constantly build, maintain, monitor, patch, upgrade, and mirror numerous data centers to achieve acceptable application performance. Improve data consistency and performance. Roll out new applications and upgrades quickly and efficiently. Achieve and prove compliance more easily.
  • Consolidate at the edge while still delivering essential local services, like print, DNS, and DHCP, to all your branch offices. Use the serverless branch office model to simplify management, lower costs, use resources more efficiently, and protect data more effectively.
  • Consolidate backup data into the data center, where it’s more accessible and secure. Lower backup and service costs, simplify off-site media management and storage, reduce time spent on manual backup processes, and speed data recovery. Ensure business continuity if data is lost from the primary location.

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