Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting using Cascade

By: Riverbed  06-Dec-2011

"The GUI is the best GUI I’ve seen in my life..the ease of immediate use is beyond description."
— Carl Cammarata, CISO, CUNY

We know expectations from network teams are growing. You need to monitor and predict application performance, maintain service level agreements, prevent security breaches, and monitor external service providers.

However, when network management toolsets become outdated and expensive to maintain, they don’t provide a full picture of the modern IT environment, so visibility into your infrastructure can become a challenge.

Cascade takes the concept of network optimization to the next level, allowing you to constantly assess, accelerate, and adapt your IT infrastructure. It’s useful for keeping critical applications running at top speed, identifying unauthorized systems on the network, and identifying underutilized servers that can be consolidated or eliminated.

Cascade collects and analyzes vast amounts of network flow data and enhances it with application and user identification. Deploying Cascade is easy and cost-effective. It won’t require significant capital and operational expenditures to install and maintain. The GUI allows you to drill down to WAN and LAN information at any level and offers a wide variety of metrics and reports. With Cascade, you can stop infrastructure problems in their tracks and help the business avoid revenue loss.

Run An Efficient Infrastructure

Manage change in the IT infrastructure to ensure the availability, performance, and security of business services. Reduce costs and satisfy regulatory requirements.

  • Manage application performance — Proactively assure service delivery with Cascade's behavioral analytics, which alert you to performance problems faster than the end-user can
  • Drill into network information with a full set of application-centric, site-centric, and business-centric views
  • Get visibility into WAN and virtualized environments — Get full visibility into traditionally "blind" environments such as optimized WANs and virtualized systems
  • Automated regulatory compliance — Use reporting capabilities to support automated planning and policy enforcement and reduce the effort and cost required to support audits
  • Consolidate data center — Application discovery and dependency mapping provides the information needed for proper planning. Change impact information ensures smooth implementation.
  • Improve security — Identify hard to detect security threats such as zero-day attacks, "boutique" malware, and credentialed attacks

Solve Infrastructure Problems Faster

Cascade detects service disruptions early through behavioral analytics. Reduce risk, resolve disruptions quickly, and save money.

  • Get reports on application response time, throughput, and other metrics across optimized and non-optimized environments
  • Reduce the number of service-affecting incidents, and maximize service income
  • Reduce revenue loss from business service disruptions. Cascade's unique end-to-end view of the application delivery path helps IT understand the relationships between applications, networks, and servers.
  • Define service-level objectives, monitor for service-level changes, and enforce usage policies with Cascade

Achieve Cost Savings

Avoid disruptions, avoid bandwidth upgrades, and reduce overall operational expenses.

  • Significantly reduce capital expenditures required to reach full deployment. Install Cascade with minimal deployment of devices such as IDS sensors or network probes. The model scales by the number of data centers, rather than the number of WAN links or remote sites.
  • Reduce the overall operational expense of network, application, and security management processes
  • Immediately identify internal or credentialed attacks, unauthorized applications, hosts, or servers on the network with automated alerts
  • Avoid costly bandwidth upgrades, by using Cascade for assessment and Steelhead for acceleration
  • Identify and minimize non-business use of expensive WAN resources

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