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By: Resolvit  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Litigation, Litigation Support

No Trade Practices Compliance Programme in place at your business? Resolvit can quickly establish a fully functioning compliance programme for you. If you do already have one, is it effective? Would the regulators regard it as effective?

Your business has just received a statutory notice from a regulatory body to produce information and documents. How will you proceed? This is a very important decision and not one to be taken lightly.

Feeling overwhelmed? Many companies are when faced with litigation. Resolvit’s Litigation Support Services will manage the litigation process and enable your company to focus on business.

It may be a workplace fatality, a major product recall or the discovery of employee dishonesty.These events need to be dealt with quickly and confidently. What happens in the first 48 hours, before senior management and external parties takeover, is critical.

Identify areas of concern in your business’s activities. We provide you with action plans to minimise risk, protect your business and its employees, and attain peace of mind.

Disputes as you probably know are very frustrating. They are costly, time consuming, and no situation is ever the same. With Resolvit’s Dispute Resolution Service you can avoid ending up in court, and protect relationships that might otherwise be damaged.

Do you need an independent and objective assessment, review, or investigation of a business related issue? Would your future decision making be improved by having all the facts available?

Keywords: Litigation, Litigation Support