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Rent 2 Own from Rent 2 Own NZ

By: Rent 2 Own NZ  22-Aug-2009
Keywords: Rent to Buy, Rent 2 Buy

Do you dream about your own home?

No landlord to deal with?

You can fulfill that dream with Rent 2 Own

  • Self-employed?
  • Capital tied up in a business venture?
  • Bad credit history?
  • Don’t have residency?
  • Bankrupt but have good income?
  • Low deposit now, lump sum coming soon?
  • Want a better area then the bank says you can afford?

Rent 2 Own can help you get on the property ladder sooner than you ever thought possible.

Using the Rent to Own technique of lease options that has helped thousands of first time buyers around the world, we work by securing your dream home on your behalf and allowing you to move in immediately as a rent-paying tenant with some of that rent going towards buying your house. After a fixed period of time, you will have the opportunity to buy the property outright at a price that had been agreed when you first moved in.

Keywords: Rent 2 Buy, Rent to Buy