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By: Renold New Zealand  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Power Transmission, Conveyor Chains

Renold Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renold PLC (UK) which was founded in 1879, is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and is one of the world's largest suppliers of mechanical power transmission and chain products with 15 factories in 7 countries, operations in 17 countries and distributors in over 70 countries.

Products include transmission chains, standard and special conveyor chains, steel and plastic table-top chains, forklift truck chains, standard and special sprockets, a very wide range of gearboxes, hydraulic components and systems, shaft couplings and disc brakes.

Renold is continuing to invest significantly in its factories around the world, including the one in Melbourne which has just been comprehensively upgraded. All of its factories have formal ISO Quality Certification; Australia has ISO 9001.

Renold Australia was formed in 1949 and now has 6 Branches plus 2 other sales locations throughout Australia and a combined Head Office, Factory, and Sales and Distribution Centre in Melbourne. The factory manufactures conveyor chains and special sprockes for Australian and overseas customers.

Renold Australia has many very experienced design and application engineering staff and well developed engineering systems, enabling it to provide total mechanical and hydraulic power transmission and chain solutions with individual products and total package drives.

One of Renold Australia's major objectives is to add value to its customers' businesses by working with them to solve specific power transmission and chain application problems and by reducing the total life cost of its customers' power transmission equipment.

Renold Australia has over $6 million of stocks nationally and places a very high emphasis on all aspects of customer service; from responses to enquiries through to the supply of high quality products on time.

Renold Australia is continually seeking to improve its effectiveness in meeting customers' needs and actively seeks feedback via surveys and regular contact with customers by its Managers and its more than 20 Sales Engineers.

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Keywords: Conveyor Chains, Power Transmission

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Other products and services from Renold New Zealand


Roller Chain and Transmission Chain

Double pitch is primarily another form of conveyor chain using the round parts from a standard transmission chain. Both BS and ANSI ranges of chain are available in double pitch and bush chain forms. Each bearing consists of a bearing pin and bush on which the chain roller revolves. Small and large pitch chain.


Conveyor Chain by Renold

Chain manufactured to this standard is becoming more popular and are used extensively in the Scandinavian region.Hollow Pin Bearing ChainThe hollow bearing pin type chain facilitates fixing attachments to outer links by bolting through the hollow bearing pins and is suitable for use in all normal conditions.


Leaf Chain by Renold

Our range of leaf chain for materials handling applications is used worldwide for straddle carriers, forklift trucks and on major civil engineering works such as flood defence barriers. Chain pitch Pitch (distance between each pin or plate hole) accuracy and pin hole diameters (holes in link plates) are maintained on every component during manufacture.


Industrial Gearboxes & Gears from Renold

Renold Gears have been designing and manufacturing high quality, high specification gearboxes and gears for over 100 years and have always been at the leading edge of gear technology with innovative products and power transmission solutions. Custom made worm gear sets - including dual lead technology. Worm gear units - single & double reduction. Helical and bevel helical gear units.


Couplings by Renold Industrial, Marine, Power Generation, Navy and Mass Transit

The design of rubber-in-compression coupling was originally established in the 1940?s by Louis Croset whose son, Paul, went on to form the Holset Engineering Company with a business partner William Holmes in 1952. The companies success can be attributed to innovations such as continuous circulating oil lubrication, roll end piloting and compound tooth curvature plus the heavy investment in state-of-the-art CNC machinery.


Sprag Clutch

The input member can be arranged to drive the output member in a chosen direction and permit the output member to over-run in the same direction. In general, Sprag Clutches are able to transmit greater torques, within given overall dimensions, than other types of free-wheel device. A Sprag Clutch is a free-wheel device having an inner race, and an outer race either of which can be the input or output member.


Attachment Chain by Renold plc

If you need attachments for double pitch chain, hollow pin chain, or even for plated and coated chains, Renold can help. We can even offer specification and selection advice to match your needs perfectly and keep your operation moving. Renold can provide a comprehensive selection of attachment chain to meet any requirement you may have. From standard to non-standard, British Standard to ANSI, if you want it, we've got it.