docx and xlsx solutions for .NET

By: Reinvoke Solutions  05-Apr-2012


This library is designed as extremely quick, simple and easy tool for merging Docx files. It provides easy template syntax, various tools for tables and other repeated data, complex objects, images and colors processing.

Key Benefits

- No Microsoft Word installation required
- No COM references
- No virtual printer required
- 100% pure C# code
- quick, easy
- can be used on shared hosting
- can be used in medium trust envinronment
- supports ADO.NET, Linq-To-Sql, IEnumerable and generic .NET objects
- image, colors, hyperlinks processing

Useful Links



samples & a trial copy


Quick Start

Merging a table

Basic demonstration of table merging features


If tables do not suit your needs - repeaters can replicate entire pages, paragraphs or lines of text.

Nested Tables and Repeaters

Tables and Repeaters can be nested inside each other if you need to diplay more complex information

Images Support

ReInvoke Docx Library has several image manipulation features - including replacing images in the document, setting width and height. Images also can placed into tables or repeaters

ASP.NET / Stream Support

Please see our

for a live example

Other cool features

These features are:

- removing text of specific color

- alternate rows

- configuring start/end tokens, number formats, empty value setup

- numbered/bullet lists

- complex objects - accessing properties of complex objects right inside a docx template

- VB.NET support

These features will be documented in

in nearest future but if you have any question - feel free to