Event 4

By: Recreate Auckland  06-Dec-2011

Holiday Programme Outline

Week One

Monday 5th – Summer Beach Roadtrip

We’re gonna start the December Holiday Programme by ushering in Summer the classic kiwi way… Roadtrip! We’ll head to one of many amazing beach spots in the North East, have Fish&Chips in the park, cruise the local shops at Warkworth, and of course finish the day with icecream.

Tuesday 6th – City Day and Movie

A chance to practice our public transport skills – we’ll catch the bus into the CBD, and then ferry over to Devonport for a picnic lunch and a cruise around the local shops. After all that hard work, we’ll take some time out to relax with a movie of the group’s choice at Sky City cinemas.

Wednesday 7th – Parakai Hotpools

Still one of the best hydro-slides around (in my opinion)! We will spend the day chilling and relaxing at Parakai hotpools, with a BBQ lunch provided by Recreate.

Thursday 8th – Butterfly Creek

Crocodiles, sheep, wetas, butterflies… What an assortment of animals! Not to mention the sweet train trip and tractor rides.

Friday 9th – Indoor Rock Climbing

Show off your strength and skills at rock climbing, or help a friend work on theirs. You’ll be partnered up with someone of a similar skill level to you, so you can go as high (or low), and as fast (or slow) as you feel comfortable with!

Week Two

Monday 12th – Rainbows End

Always a favourite, fun-filled rides and thrills at the one and only Rainbows End! …Need we say more!?!

Tuesday 13th – Zoo Trip

Cheeky little monkeys… and Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh my!

 Bring your camera to take photos of your favourite animals.

Wednesday 14th – Glass Bottom Boat

We’re gonna take a trip up to the beautiful Goat Island Marine Reserve, and cruise around the Island in a glass bottomed boat – you may even get to see a sting ray! Bring a packed lunch too, for a picnic on the beach.

Thursday 15th – Christmas shopping and Movies

The perfect opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done – we’ll be heading to Sylvia Park to check out a new release movie of the group’s choice.

Friday 16th – Waiwera Thermal Pools

Another favourite past-time for the Recreate crew – swimming, soaking, slipping and sliding - we’ll spend the day at Waiwera. Recreate will provide a BBQ lunch.

December Week Three

Monday 19th – Bowling and Beach

Show off your skill, or learn some new techniques at Ten Pin Bowling – let’s see if anyone can get a Strike!  After that we’ll head to the beach for a BBQ lunch and some outdoor activities. 

Tuesday 20th – Guns and Planes

We’re gonna split into teams and fight to win (!) using laser beams and serious strategy - at Megazone in Ponsonby. Following that, we’ll head to MOTAT for some educational fun as well as checking out the recently arrived “Skyhawk” plane.

Wednesday 21st – Kiwi Valley AND Swimming

We will start the day at Kiwi Valley, hanging out with, holding and feeding the cute little farm animals – you may even like to have a go at riding a horse! After lunch we will head to West Wave for a spot of soaking, swimming and hydro-sliding.

Thursday 22nd – Deserted Island Challenge

What would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island? We’re gonna see what all the fuss is about by hiking and exploring some of Auckland Harbour’s favourite Islands. (Please note: a reasonable level of balance and fitness is required. Please bring appropriate footwear).

Friday 23rd - Matakana Movies

As our last day before Christmas, we are going to take a trip up North to the lovely Matakana for a sneaky movie of the group’s choice, pop to the shops for a final spot of Christmas shopping, and head to one of the beautiful local beaches to welcome in the Summer holidays!

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