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By: Reckon New Zealand  06-Dec-2011
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Intrepid Payroll

We would like to introduce a new online payroll that links directly with QuickBooks. As technology changes it is apparent that an ISP model for business software will become prevalent. From a support, customisation and update point of view, this offers clients the most cost effective means of an up to date payroll product. It also allows legislative changes, product enhancements etc to be done without inconveniencing individual users.

Comprehensive employee management
Intrepid Payroll allows you to comprehensively track and manage your employee payroll responsibilities. Calculate pays simply and accurately, manage contact details for employees, any special requirements or deductions and general notes on your employee.

Calculate your employee’s PAYE or withholding tax as per the current IRD requirements. Intrepid Payroll then allows you to IR file this directly with the IRD through the IR345, IR346 and IR348 reports. There is also the option to print these and send your payment in manually.

One of the key features of Intrepid Payroll is that it is a website based software. This means that you can access the software anytime, anywhere and when there are updates to legislation or product enhancements, these changes are automatically updated to the Intrepid Payroll system. You no longer have to load disks, updates, service patch’s etc it is all done for you.

Intrepid Payroll allows you to calculate Holiday Pay, Sick Leave and Annual Leave and Time in Lieu for all of your employees. The Holiday calculations are all recorded and deducted as per the Holidays and Employment Act of New Zealand.
Print a report telling you how much leave each employee has owing to them, if they have used any sick leave or do not have any leave left!

Intrepid Payroll has the ability to be multi company so you can process different payrolls held within separate databases.

Allow multiple users to process payroll or have access to the software, all they need is a user profile set up and password, plus access to the network. It could not be easier.

Have the ability to analyse different sectors and departments of your business by using costing codes. These allow you to cost different employee pays and allow you to report against these. This also includes the ability to track your employee’s time against different ongoing jobs and then send this information back to QuickBooks for invoicing.

See a full payment history for all of your employees.

Save time and reduce costs by paying your employees directly from your payroll software to the bank.

Intrepid Payroll has a fantastic integration with the QuickBooks product. Access your payroll directly through QuickBooks a direct link. Send your payroll information to QuickBooks, which updates your general ledger and if using jobs, you can invoice out your staff’s time to your customers.

Keywords: Online Payroll, Quickbooks

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