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By: Realize Asia  05-Apr-2012
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New Zealand produces a bountiful basket of fruit and vegetables, which contribute over NZ$1 billion to the country's income each year. Kiwifruit (also known by its export name Zespri) is the country's icon, but the fruit and vegetable range spans pip fruit, summer fruit, berry fruit, citrus fruit, avocadoes, persimmons, feijoa, tamarillos, macadamia nuts and vegetables including potatoes, onions, carrots, squash and asparagus.

New Zealand has a long and proud history of egg and chicken farming off the rich farmland that exists only in this part of the world. Realize Asia appreciates this history and sources chicken and eggs from barn farms and free range ranches operating in the unique environment of New Zealand. The chickens and eggs we offer come out of a happy, healthy environment where birds have the space to move and roam in free way.

At Realize Asia we understand the most important time for your baby to get the best nutrition is when they are just an infant. That's why we produce a pure, natural infant milk formula made from the milk of cows raised on the rich pastures of New Zealand. Our infant milk formula is made in New Zealand from milk from the best quality cows raised off the pure, natural pastures that only New Zealand can produce.

Realize Asia offers three types of natural beverages – fruit juice, water and protein drinks – all produced and sourced in clean, green New Zealand. The range of fruit juices – kiwifruit etc – we offer are all created from fresh fruit grown and harvested in New Zealand. The mineral waters – sparkling and still – are also sourced in New Zealand, where the purity of the springs and mountains produce some of the world's most exceptional water.

Along with great food, New Zealand is internationally renowned for a wide range of world-class wines produced in the many vineyards and wineries in both North and South Islands. New Zealand is a premier new-world wine country, producing award-winning red and white wines that reflect clean air, sunshine and sustainable wine practice. Top quality wines are exported to cellars worldwide and at Realize Asia we can offer these wines to you.

New Zealand's pristine environment – its snow-capped mountains and lush sweeping valleys – is one of the defining images our beautiful country is renowned for around the world. The green grasses that grow out of the rich soils that exist from the tip of the north island to the base of the south island provide the perfect environment for raising healthy, happy animals and growing delicious fruit and vegetables.

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Keywords: Fruit, Vegetables