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By: Raw Essentials  06-Dec-2011
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The RAW ESSENTIALS product range

gets your pet as close to it’s natural diet as possible,

without sending him out to hunt.

 The RAW ESSENTIALS range have been chosen to provide your pet with the best nutrition available.

Select the weight closest to your pet's to find out their total approximate feeding costs and menus.

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Feeding a variety from the RAW ESSENTIALS range will provide:

  • very high quality protein
  • the best mineral combination
  • essential fatty acids
  • all the important vitamins and minerals
  • iron in the bone marrow
  • all the anti-oxidants and beneficial enzymes in fresh food.

Dogs and cats derive their energy from protein and fat and have no requirement for carbohydrates.

The RAW ESSENTIALS range requires extensive chewing and tearing and makes great use of those stunning carnivorous teeth, washing, scrubbing and polishing at every meal.
And just as importantly, your pet will really enjoy exercising his muscles as he eats, providing psychological benefits, and aiding in efficient digestion.

The majority of

commercial pet foods

on the market are cooked and grain-based, and easily swallowed without chewing. These foods have only been in existence for about sixty years - an incredibly insignificant time in the evolutionary history of a carnivore. For a full discussion of the impact of commercial grain-based food on the health of your pet see


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Keywords: Pet