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By: Ramset  06-Dec-2011

RL300 Rotary Laser Level
Fully automatic horizontal and vertical laser. Compact ergonomic design and intuitive operation. A multi-functional laser for interior and exterior applications. An ideal choice when Accuracy, Reliability and Durability are central to your requirements.

• Visible laser beam, high accuracy
• Li-lon battery technology, intelligent charger
• Combine manual and automatic slope setting in two axes
• Two rotating speeds
• Variable scanning functions - both the scan range and scan direction can be adjusted
• Permanent 90° plumb beam
• TILT alarm function
• Operation with rechargeable or alkaline batteries
• Dust / water protection IP 66
• Direction setting of vertical axis (with remote control)
• Vibration-Wind-Security function (combined with TILT-function)
• Remote control shield: Remote control can be switched off to avoid interface with other instruments working on the same site
• Integrated floor mount with datum point
• Ramset Shield Warranty
• Also available: optional FR66-MM reciever with digital level indication in milimeters

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The concrete (or other substrate) strength• Distance away from the edge of the concrete or other anchors• Depth embedded into the substrate• The exact hole size and how round it is• The tightening torque used• The direction of the load. Over many years Ramset™ has continued a research programme into the performance of anchors into concrete and developed new improved anchors.


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