Chipset Reference Products

By: Rakon  06-Dec-2011

Rakon works closely with most major chipset manufacturers to ensure that their products are able to achieve the highest level of performance through greater understanding of the frequency reference.

Through this collaboration we create parts which are specifically tailored to work with a chipset to provide optimal performance. A list of the most common parts is detailed below.



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High reliability

Rakon Temex is renowned for being the European leader for frequency solutions in space and defence and is the preferred ITAR-free manufacturer in space and defense oscillators, while Rakon has world leading positions in frequency solutions for GPS, timing/synchronization and aerospace.



Rakon’s temperature sensing crystal oscillators also offer system designers the ability to achieve extremely stable frequency solutions from miniature. Rakon manufactures a range of application specific products and is able to design unique frequency control based solutions for our customers. Designed to interface with software processing solutions it is a cost neutral, fast turn around solution for GPS hardware designers.



Low power consumption and excellent frequency stability characteristics make this an excellent choice for low and mid-range OCXO specifications. The world’s smallest OCXO, Mercury integrates the discrete components of an OCXO onto a single, in-house designed ASIC. Rakon has a great deal of experience in creating customised OCXO solutions for a range of applications. Custom packages and unique performance characteristics.