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By: Quickfuel  05-Apr-2012

We take no chances with QuickFuel. As you will see all over this web site every compenent used with QuickFuel is of the highest possible standard. The software is built for the riggers of the most demanding industries in retail and all the hardware used is best in industry.

The people who provide our support are armed with all the latest information to efficiently and quickly support your site in a time of need. When purchasing QuickFuel you can rest assured that if the inevitable happens that we have all the tools in place to get you running asap.

  • Premium quality and reliable hardware from industry leaders such as Toshiba, IBM and Dell
  • On-site warranty with optional 3 years and 24 hours by 7 days in most areas across New Zealand
  • Technical Telephone support, to get your system up and running asap
  • Quicken Accredited Trainer network for on-site training
  • Business hours support is available for all non essential software and modules over Skype to keep you phone costs down
  • QuickFuel has an extensive self diagnostic facility which repairs itself where necessary and will also rebuild its databases from scratch should it become corrupted or unrecoverable.
  • The QuickFuel solution is no different to any other computer system where it requires you the customer to take ownership and responsibility of the system and ensure you to take regular backups to ensure minimal data loss.

 QuickFuel offers you, the customer, the ultimate flexibility in determining the most suitable level/combination of support for your business. QuickFuel support (excluding Advantage and ‘How Do I?’) is available from 8 hours by 5 days to 24 hours by 7 days.

Our call centre uses leading edge technology to assist you with determining a prompt resolution to your issues including hardware spares located across the country.

Our “How Do I?” service offers business hours access, to a QuickFuel expert who will help you get the most out of this comprehensive system.

“Telephone support, local trainers, local on-site experts, ‘How Do I?’ service and FAQ web site ensures you can purchase the most suitable support package for your business”

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QuickFuel - Services

As we understand this as critical we have a very strong and tested implementation plan to ensure nothing is missed. QuickFuel is a finely tuned system that will give you many years of outstanding service. We truly have a team dedicated to turning your visions into business solutions. Critical to its success is a seamless implementation.


QuickFuel - Services - Save Money

An intelligent system when designed and configured properly will not only ensure you do not lose money it will actually introduce efficiencies to save you money. Merchant Settlement module to enable you to easily reconcile eft reimbursements plus ensure your manual vouchers are all accounted for. Easily add new products or modify prices with powerful drill down functions from stock receipting and bulk price change forms.


QuickFuel - Services - Tight Controls

Most retail systems always start their development at the point of sale but by the time they get to the back office or accounting the budget has run out or the company has lost motivation to complete the job. ShiftSheet and DaySheet highlight the performance of the business and also give a forecast on the business trend on gross profitability, till variance and other important site key performance indicators.


QuickFuel - Products - Forecourt

These measurements can be used for delivery confirmation and are vital to the historical reconciliation system.Leak and Theft DetectionThough sudden loss of fuel over a short period of time will probably be picked up by the most wet stock control systems, leaks and thefts usually take place in smaller amounts over a longer period of time.