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By: Quality Surveillance  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Civil Engineering

Quality Surveillance Limited provides a wide range of services to it's clients. Listed below are the major services we offer. If you want to find out more, please contact us directly.

H ealth & Safety / Quality System Programme Surveillance

Independent auditing of clients documented management systems, provision of practical, focused and constructive reports on the current status of system with recommendations on opportunities for improvement. Audits are structured and carried out under controlled conditions and include the provision of a bound copy of the audit report. The Auditor holds Certificate in Quality Systems Auditing Practices (CQSAP) and a Diploma in Quality Assurance from Massey University and has wide experience in quality systems in a variety of industries including civil engineering. The Auditor is conversant with the requirements of the relevant legislation such as the HSE Act 1992, HSNO Act 1996, etc and related industry codes of practice. The Auditor has been Assessor for the New Zealand Roadmarkers Federation Quality Assurance Programme (similar to ISO9002) since 1992.

Practical focused advisory services to contractors in the roading industry related to inspection and testing, quality system and health & safety systems. These services will be provided on an as required basis with the aim of facilitating clients staff to provide professional services in a cost effective and timely manner. Advisory services are either; on site one-to-one, group workshops, via telephone or electronic mail, research and reporting, developing of processes or any combination of these.

Services include the provision of contract specific items such as Contract Quality Plans, Inspection & Test Plans, Traffic Management Plans, Schedules of Quantity, etc. The writer’s wide experience enables contract related to be simply and effectively produced that meet the contract requirements while ensuring the client’s risks are minimised. Plans are produced in liaison with the client’s staff in accordance with the Principal’s requirements. Either complete documents or sections of client’s documents are produced. The writer’s familiarity with a variety of word processing systems and formats enables robust, well-presented documents to be developed in the short time span normally encountered. Documents can range from bound hard copy to individual clauses.Tender Attributes are produced to be included in contract tender submissions. The Attribute packages are aimed at providing a truthful and accurate description of the company’s abilities to meet the contract requirements while meeting the requirements for tender submissions. The Writers knowledge and experience with documents such as Transfund’s Competitive Pricing Procedures (CPP), SOMAC, etc ensures that such packages are quickly and efficiently produced within the tight schedules commonly related to tender submissions.

Services include the investigation of products and processes to determine process capabilities and the identification of improvements in quality, safety and productivity. The Analyst’s experience in inspection, process observation, statistics, statistical process control combined with computer based statistics and presentation packages ensures that actual process capabilities are effectively identified and adequately described. The resultant report is aimed at providing statistically sound information that is readily understandable. The company’s computer system enables reports to include a variety of presentation media and methods to be used. The Analyst’s experience combined with the clients input enables practical improvement initiatives to be implements to enhance the client’s performance.

Services include the development of documents aimed at meeting the requirements of specifications such as ISO 9001:2000 for quality systems and NZS 4804 / ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices for Health & Safety Systems. Documents promoting the client’s abilities can also be developed. The development of these documents include close liaison with the client and research of industry standards to ensure that practical focussed documents are produced that minimise the client’s risks while meeting the requirements of the specified standards. Services can include the facilitation of External Audits and range from the development and control of the final suite of documents through to the development of specific clauses. Services also include the development of product and service specifications. The writer’s wide experience with documented systems and industry ensures that documents are simply and efficiently produced. Documents are produced in a style / format which best matches the intended recipients learning style / level. The company owns a range of document production systems including scanner, high-resolution graphics printer and digital video camera.

Provision of training services to operatives, supervisory and management in a wide range of civil engineering services and related activities. Services include the development of training programmes, training material, presentation and / or facilitation. The development of these packages involves the identification of “Priority Training Needs” as the first step. One particular programme involves the training on-the-job for staff involved in the management of contracts and programming of project works. This programme will obviously involve a level of mentoring, the degree and extent of this can be agreed at any stage during the training programme. This package includes the development of a personalised “All you need to know” Guide Manual with the trainee. The presenter has had extensive training experience, including two years as trainer with a large marine establishment, and holds a Certificate in Training & Development from ITD in the UK.A Limited Credit Programme has been produced and provided for the Roadmarking Sector to meet a Transit New Zealand requirement. The Level 3 and 4 Unit standards relate to inspection and testing of applicators, a task previously carried out by Professional Engineers. The programme includes a significant occupational health and safety component.

Assessment of client’s staff against the requirements of the InfraTrain ITO qualifications for civil construction and maintenance. The Assessor holds NZQA Unit Standards 4098 and 11551 and is registered with InfraTrain for a wide range of civil engineering Unit Standards. The Assessor is also the Moderator for the Civil and Roadmarking Sectors for InfraTrain.

Services include the provision of Transit New Zealand Testing Officer and Issuing Officer certification of paint and thermoplastic pavement marking applicators. Other services are inspection of completed civil works, paint and thermoplastic dry film thickness, weather and surface conditions and skid resistance. The Testing Officer’s wide experience in Inspection and Testing and qualifications, NZCS (Applied Physics), Certificate of Attainment in Metrology ensure that a practical approach is taken in gathering the information required to make effective decisions based on the facts. The company holds a range of measuring equipment including dry film thickness measuring equipment capable of being interfaced to company’s laptop computers. Care is taken to ensure that measurements are robust, traceable to National or International Standards and that relevant uncertainties of measurement are known and understood. Inspection and Testing services are controlled by documented procedures aimed at meeting the requirements of HB 18.25. The Testing Officer is familiar with a wide range of industrial instrumentation and is able to use client’s equipment if required. The Testing Officer can also arrange for and used a range of hired inspection and measuring equipment.

Keywords: Civil Engineering