By: Qoleum  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Oil

Uncovering the original recipe for anointing oil was a new challenge for Rebecca but one that fitted with her hunger to find the facts, whether it is understanding the robotics of the body’s musculature, creating the perfect gemstone cut or the facts behind the Bible stories.

It still took a lot of research, poring through old religious texts to identify the authentic ingredients, a working knowledge of Cartesian mathematics to calculate and convert ancient measures like hins and shekels to today’s equivalents, and a huge amount of perseverance and trial and error before she got the formula right and able to be made consistently.

She makes the Qoleum anointing oil by hand, with pestle and mortar, from very expensive and often very hard to find ingredients like myrrh, sweet calamus, cassia, cinnamon and olive oil from the Mount of Olives.

The oil, which has a deep, earthy aromatic smell when heated, has been used for thousands of years for healing everything from the common cold to plague, as well as for blessings. It can be used for every day aches and pains, add drops to your bath, and use it an oil burner to provide a calming, peaceful atmosphere.

Keywords: Oil