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By: Qas  06-Dec-2011
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Experian QAS have developed NZ Geocode, a software solution which allows you to easily search and validate any physical address. It facilitates intelligent and accurate searching and capturing of addresses within a minimum number of keystrokes and enables you to append latitude and longitude coordinates.

NZ Geocode offers coverage of multi-dwelling units, commercial properties and rural addresses, qualified by 3 different levels of property geographical coordinates.

Experian QAS address verification software works with almost any established or custom-built database or CRM system. The software is easy to use and install.

NZ Geocode uses data provided by Terralink International Ltd who hold the most comprehensive geographical dataset of New Zealand.

Quick, accurate data capture

NZ Geocode allows users to validate and capture physical address data. It saves up to 80% of the keystrokes required to record an address. With NZ Geocode, address entry is more efficient and the risk of a record being misspelt or inaccurately entered into your database is reduced.

Increased efficiency

Quickly return accurate geographic co-ordinates for each property with NZ Geocode. This enables precise and efficient delivery of goods and services by plotting the most exact point (the actual land parcel) and routing the delivery accordingly. NZ Geocode allows you to intelligently search across accurate and current physical address information for more streamlined allocation of resources, helping you to expand business services effectively by monitoring and ultimately meeting customer demand.

Improved customer perception

Recording a contact's full address from minimal information creates a professional, efficient first impression. NZ Geocode enables communications with contacts are addressed correctly, enhancing the perception of your organisation and the products and services it offers.

Accurate verification

By using NZ Geocode, you can validate a contact's address as well as enhance the customer experience through accurate address capture. In addition, knowing that your contact data entering your system is verified allows you to be confident in your ability to market effectively to your customers. Verification of the existence of an address is also critical in preventing fraudulent activity.

Reduce Costs

Ensure that any correspondence, goods and services are directed to the right address first time. Using NZ Geocode, the risk of duplicate records is decreased and you capture only verified addresses. This reduces the quantity of returned or undeliverable goods and correspondence, minimising administration and replacement costs.

Increase business intelligence

Append enriched data to customer records for better decisions and marketing segmentation.

Keywords: Address Verification Software, Verification Software,

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