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By: Qas  06-Dec-2011
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When address data is captured manually errors are inevitable

Inaccurate data results in wasted resource and a damaged customer perception, potentially impacting every area of your business:

  • Customer communications incorrectly addressed
  • Mailings not reaching their target audience
  • Goods and services not arriving on time
  • Profiling of data becomes less effective

QAS Pro ensures that consumer or business address data is captured accurately at the source, improving business efficiency and customer service and reducing wasted costs.


Faster data entry
Search addresses, postal address verification and data entry can usually be performed in 11 keystrokes or less. In the call centre, operators can search addresses and verify them faster and more accurately which can lead to higher service levels and call capacity.

Powerful search addresses functionality
The advanced address lookup features of Expereian QAS's postal address verification software can return fully verified addresses from incorrect or incomplete data. This means that operators can verify and search addresses which are partly inaudible or illegible.

Resulting savings
For such a fast and accurate address validation tool, QAS Pro is competitively priced. ROI is swift, due to better data quality, higher operator throughput, and reductions in returned mail and undelivered shipments.

Key features

Search addresses with fuzzy matching
QAS Pro is easy to use. To search addresses, only parts of the address such as typically the postcode, the first few letters of the street name and a house or apartment number are required to fully verify the address. Helpful prompts and comprehensive picklists are provided throughout to aid the address validation process.

Error prevention through front-end address validation
Postal address verification software has traditionally been employed as part of back-end data scrubbing systems which struggle to automatically fix incomplete addresses. QAS Pro's front-end address lookup and verification functionality can prevent incorrect addresses from entering back-end systems in the first place.

Address standardisation for use with any application
QAS Pro postal address verification software returns standardised addresses in a customisable format and layout. A tool bundled with the software makes it quick and easy to adapt the address format and layout to suit almost any database or application.

For optimum address data quality
Address validation should be performed on every new address taken over the phone or via the Web, while legacy data can be cleaned with QAS Bureau Service address cleansing.

Multiple country support
QAS Pro offers the flexibility of international address verification if required. Popular international address data includes Australia, Singapore, US, UK and Canadian addresses.

Technical information

Easy to install and available on Windows 2000 and above, Unix, AS/400 and IBM and ICL mainframes.

The software can be used as a Plug & Go desktop installation or via the QAS API - in stand-alone, client-server or Web-based integrations.

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Keywords: Address Data Quality, Address Verification Software, Verification Software,

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QAS Pro address verification software provides fast and accurate real-time address validation against the latest New Zealand Post Postal Address File. Experian QAS has a policy to only use address data supplied by national primary source data providers.


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