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Pump Engineers New Zealand Limited are the sole agents for Hidrostal pumps in New Zealand. For full technical & sales enquiries please contact either of our engineering centres in Auckland or in Wellington.

Hidrostal are the originators of the unique “screw centrifugal impeller” concept that consistently leads the world in solving difficult & specialized pumping applications. The design provides solutions for the following processes:

  • Solids Handling. The impeller geometry & free passage sizing is designed to cope with liquids containing large solids as well as compounds containing rags or other fibrous materials. The design also offers a ‘dry solids content’ handling capability well above that of conventional centrifugal pumps
  • Viscous Pumping. The design concept combines the properties of a centrifugal pump with the advantages of a positive displacement pump. High viscosity products may be handled with dependable ease & with higher than normal efficiency.
  • Low Shear Pumping. The impeller design is ideally suited to handling compounds where emulsification is undesirable in a process, such as oil & water separation systems. Biologically active sludges can be transferred without damaging the desired flocculation condition.
  • Delicate Handling. Originally designed to transfer live fish the screw centrifugal concept is ideal for pumping other delicate products such as fruit, vegetables, crystalline products & slurries all without product damage.

The screw centrifugal impeller has been designed to minimize Life Cycle Costs (LCC). This factor together with the benefits attributed to the unique handling capabilities of the design means that Hidrostal pumps are utilized in most industrial activities including:

Keywords: Centrifugal Pumps, Pump, Pump Engineers

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