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By: Psychotactics  06-Dec-2011
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These are recordings from Live Teleclasses. The sound quality is based on teleconference quality.

You get 6 audios to download. Each of the programs are 35-45 minute audio training sessions. And are accompanied by an ebook and the transcript for the whole session.

Purchase the entire series as a package for a more than a 50% savings.

How Saying NO To Your Clients Works In Your Favour: The Psychology of Qualification

What is covered in this audio session:
1) The Psychological Power of Qualification
2) Reading your clients the Riot Act
3) Conditions for Opt-In
Plus Bonus: How to Measure Success + ROI vs. RISK

Audio & Transcript

How To Have Fewer Clients and Make More Profits

What is covered in this audio session:
1) Why fewer clients? And how will it help your business?
2) Why you should charge more
3) A System that enables you to charge more

Audio & Transcript

Seven Powerful Keys to a
Knockout Presentation

What is covered in this audio session:
1) How to create a show-stopping opening
2) Why your presentation will still fail

Audio & Transcript

How To Use The Incredible Power of Why, What and How: In All Your Communication

What is covered in this audio session:
1. The Power of Why
2. How: Your Driving Force
3. When: Creating Time

Audio & Transcript

How To Power Your Brain:
Power Learning Brain Techniques

What is covered in this audio session:
1. Memory Test: The Power of Your Brain
2. Learning Maps: How to Trigger off the Brain
3. Accelerate Learning: How the Brain Learns Best

Audio & Transcript

How To Be A Master Of Your Destiny:
How to Beat Depresssion &
Increase Your Focus

What is covered in this audio session:
a) Why your energy droops. How to boost energy.
b) How this energy-droop affects your accomplishments and profit.
c) How to understand the Power of Control. And how to avoid the nasty control others have over you.
d) Blackmail. It will hit you sometime in your life. How to make sure you're ready, so your business isn't affected.

Audio & Transcript

YES I will invest in the Swift Kick How-To 6 Pack Series and save more that 50%! I don't want to miss out!
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If the system doesn't accept your credit card or if you have any questions that have been unanswered, please email me directly using the form at the bottom of the page and let me know how I can help. I'd be interested in getting your feedback. The feedback that you give me, is strictly confidential. Don't forget to include your telephone number and a time to call you.

Sean D'Souza


"I loved the tele-seminar. Especially the ROI vs. RISK and the riot act.. good stuff. I think it really helps to set client
expectations for what is going to happen on both sides."

Greg Balanko-Dickson

"We have used the reverse job to get
people interested in Coffee News

They come prepaired with their CV's and
act if they come for
a job interview. It is amazinly effective. In the past we had to justify. Now
they are phoning andsending emails to reserve areas. We will have one of the best months ever."

Johan Horak,
South Africa

"Powerful lessons that have helped me streamline my business and take it to new sales heights. The information has in fact given me the confidence to know exactly what the next step will be to make more sales and generate more wealth. I highly recommend my friends to your website and your upcoming class!"

Alberto Moran
Printco, USA

"Talk about "underpromise/
overdeliver" ..
thanks, Sean.

I am indeed letting
others know about thiSclass. And am very much looking forward to the next 15 weeks!
Awesome." DiAnne L.

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Keywords: Psychology

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I'm still stunned at what The Brain Audit suggests you do with your competitor's logo. I often suspect information I get about "success" in various forms is theoretical. Lola Scobey, Colorado Springs, CO. Why Do Most Headlines Fail.


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I now need to read it again several times to get it firmly embedded and into a habit, even applying it after a single reading I noticed how it reduced the feeling of overload. Testimonials are absolutely vital for sales conversions, but business owners are often too scared to ask for testimonials, and don't know how to use them effectively.


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