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By: Psychotactics  06-Dec-2011

Do you know why some businesses get wonderful clients, while others seem to get clients that are a pain in the neck?

(Don't you just hate painful clients? Learn how to use the power of the 'six critical questions' to get incredible testimonials—and attract clients that make every day an absolute joy).

Do you sometimes wonder if planning books are written just for the 'organised' people?

(Organised people already know how to plan. They don't need information like this. Yet most planning books are written without considering chaos at all.

Learn how the 'Chaos Planning System' is a radical, yet perfectly intuitive way to plan). And learn how to get things done, and take long vacations as well.

Do You Often Hit A Wall Called 'Writers Block'?

Learn how knowing the core elements in outlining can save you from the misery of writing your next article.

You already know that 80% of a sales letter depends on your headline.

So what's the remaining 20% that causes customers to buy?

Do you want to put some sanity into your design even though you are not a designer?

Learn how structure and guidelines of elements can immediately improve your design with simple tweaks.

Yes, you need visuals on your sales page, but how do you use visuals to immediately improve your sales conversion?

Learn how visuals create drama and curiosity and help improve your web page conversion.


"How hard can it be to structure a testimonial? Why would I pay $39 to learn how to put a customer quote on my website?"

That was what I thought before I purchased "The Secret Life of Testimonials". But even though we had customer testimonials on our website I felt like they should be doing a better job at selling our product.

Finally it came down to - "Can purchasing this course help me sell more product." Having read Sean's newsletter for the last year I was confident it could. Five minutes into the course I knew I had made the right decision. The concepts were simple and very pragmatic. The examples were very helpful as well.

I quickly realized that we had a lot of "sugary" testimonials and not a lot of testimonials that would sell product. After listening to the course I developed a new system for capturing testimonials and we are in the process of redesigning our website to implement these new endorsements.

Greg DeVore
Blue Mango Learning Systems

"I really enjoyed the report and got a lot out of it, like so many things in life a counter intuitive approach will often really open doors.

I now need to read it again several times to get it firmly embedded and into a habit, even applying it after a single reading I noticed how it reduced the feeling of overload.

Duncan MacIntyre, Derbys, UK

"I just want to let you know that what you wrote in the report is really good stuff and has prompted me to revisit my plans and time schedule for 2010 (yes already, and we're not even at the end of Jan !)."

Also, I really love your cartoon on page 3. I just had to print out an extra copy of this page and tape the cartoon above my computer.

Suzanne Wilson,
Canberra, Australia

"Business owners are often too scared to ask for testimonials"

I've been using Testimonials as a marketing tool for years – and I didn't think there was much left for me to learn about testimonial techniques. Especially so after reading those powerful "six questions" in the Brain Audit.

After reading The Secret Life Of Testimonials, I learnt how to get more authentic, dramatic and testimonials with great impact. And—most importantly—how to use them to maximum advantage. Sean shares all kinds of layout and formatting secrets so that the message is visually stunning as well as a good read.What I found really useful is how Sean de-constructs various testimonials, showing you the parts where they fail, and thereby enabling you to create testimonials that work a whole lot better.I particularly liked the run-down on how to create video testimonials as that's something I've been thinking of doing, but wasn't sure how to get started and how to approach it. Plus there are some great ideas on how to get testimonials using online media.I'd definitely recommend The Secret Life Of Testimonials. Testimonials are absolutely vital for sales conversions, but business owners are often too scared to ask for testimonials, and don't know how to use them effectively. In this book, you'll learn how to get great testimonials – and with confidence.

Cornelia Luethi
FX Marketing
Auckland, New Zealand

"I figured I would throw in a testimonial at the last minute.."

As I was reading The Brain Audit and redesigning my website, I just figured I would throw in a testimonial at the last minute.. because it was by far the easiest part of the process. Wrong again! Thanks again Sean! Your new book looks like it will really take the testimonials to a new level.

Marcus Stout
Golden Moon Tea
Washington D.C.

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