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By: Psychotactics  06-Dec-2011
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Why Do Most Headlines Fail?
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Here's what mega marketing and advertising gurus and clients had to say about PscyhoTactics Products

"The Brain Alchemy Home Study power-packed program contains some of the best marketing and sales ideas ever discovered."

Brian Tracy - Author, The Psychology of Selling.

"Sean D'Souza is to brains what Tiger Woods is to golf."

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books


"I'm still stunned at what The Brain Audit suggests you do with your competitor's logo. It will transform your business. My highest recommendation."

Kenrick E. Cleveland


"A wake-up call for relentless positive thinkers with chronically negative bank accounts. If you're wondering why your benefit-driven marketing isn't hitting the mark, Sean knows why and he'll tell you.
Then he'll show you what you can do about it so you can be a lot richer, and your customers will be a lot happier!

I know what I just said may sound like a contradiction to you, but, I assure you, it's an ongoing reality. I had to learn the hard way what Sean will teach you easily in this ebook."

David Garfinkel
Copywriting Genius
and author


"People buy with their eyes. the Brain Audit is a perfect example why. It's charming to look at .. plus it's a great read. Marketers of all ages will be delighted by the writer's keen insight and enchanting case studies."

Jay. S. Rosenberg
President-JSR Advertising, Chicago


"I loved the content, layout and get-down- to-action approach found in "The Brain Audit". It delivers what it promises - a system to get customer attention! I am recommending this e-book to all my marketing clients as a must read!"

Terri Levine
Author of the best-selling book, 'Work Yourself Happy' and 'Coaching For An Extraordinary Life'

Keywords: Create Headlines, Detailed Report, Home Study, Marketing, Marketing and Sales,

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I'm still stunned at what The Brain Audit suggests you do with your competitor's logo. I often suspect information I get about "success" in various forms is theoretical. Lola Scobey, Colorado Springs, CO. Why Do Most Headlines Fail.


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I now need to read it again several times to get it firmly embedded and into a habit, even applying it after a single reading I noticed how it reduced the feeling of overload. Testimonials are absolutely vital for sales conversions, but business owners are often too scared to ask for testimonials, and don't know how to use them effectively.


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Powerful lessons that have helped me streamline my business and take it to new sales heights. How Saying NO To Your Clients Works In Your Favour: The Psychology of Qualification. Each of the programs are 35-45 minute audio training sessions. How To Power Your Brain:Power Learning Brain Techniques. The sound quality is based on teleconference quality. How To Use The Incredible Power of Why, What and How. Why Do Most Headlines Fail.