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By: Primal Earth  05-Apr-2012
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Auckland and former All Black centre Ben Atiga knows just how important it is to look good with the ball in hand when he's is playing. But he also knows that looking slick off the field is important in today's world and was more than happy to give his thoughts on the Primal Earth skincare range for men.

How would you rate your usual skin care regime?

Yeah I haven't been too bad on the old face care. I wouldn't really call it a regime though. Doug Howlett got me into looking after my skin - he always told me, "You've got to exfoliate mate! So I used to use these scratchy gloves."

Ow! Did you use them on your face?

Yes - but now I prefer to use a flowing soap which probably isn't that great - it's only one step up from using soap.

So how did you find using the Primal Earth Face Wash?

It was great in the shower - couple of seconds and you've got rid of all the blood, sweat and mud, and your skin feels really clean without that really tight feeling that soap leaves. (And a whole lot less scratchy than the gloves). The rest of the team loved the face wash too. I left my pack in the shower and the guys were all over it!

Ok, so what's the rundown on your shaving technique?

My skin is quite sensitive so I only shave once a week - usually the day before a game - I like to feel slick - every bit counts - a smooth shave makes me run faster.

Did you notice a difference using the Primal Earth Shaving Gel?>

"Yeah, it made it really easy to shave. the gel made the razor glide smoothly and afterwards there was no shaving rash which I sometimes get."

Do you moisturise?

Yeah of course I use a moisturiser - well actually not always, but you know - most of the time - when I'm not being lazy.

What did you think of the Primal Earth Moisturiser?

Really easy to put on, pleasant smell, and I think it made my skin look brighter!

What did you like best about the Primal Earth products?

The fact that they are organic makes me feel really good about using them. I'm on a strict health diet, and I think if I'm putting good food into my body, it makes sense to be putting on something good onto my skin too.

How many grooming items would you usually have in your sports bag?

Usually only about 4, but I'll have another 3 now!

Did you know you can buy Primal Earth products from the supermarket?

Really? Are you kidding? - I though as it's organic, it would be quite top end in price. but that's great.

For the full interview check out October edition of NZ Rugby World.

Keywords: Moisturiser, Shave

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Primal Life Blog - Organic Food, Body, LifeStyle

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