Primal Earth - Aloe Hydrate Shave Gel

By: Primal Earth  05-Apr-2012

Aloe Hydrate Shave Gel

Primal Earth Aloe Hydrate Shave Gel blends Aloe Vera gel and Harakeke Flax extract into a natural, low-foam shave gel that gives you an optimal shave without dryness or irritation. The paraben free, formulation has no unnecessary chemicals and irritants, preventing razor burn, rashes, or skin blotchiness. Our organic-certified ingredients, leave your face fresh, smooth and alive. Better yet the healing properties of Harakeke also heal and sooth the skin, leaving it at its best.

Directions: Apply to warmed, damp skin and work into a creamy lather.
Shave with a sharp blade and rinse with cool water.

This product is free of SLS, Sulphates & Formaldahydes.

175 ml


 $8.99 NZD EACH

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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