Compare prices with Quick View

By: PriceMe  10-Mar-2010
Keywords: Shopping, Reviews

PriceMe has recently enabled faster browsing of products, which saves you time and allows for faster price comparison. The catalog pages on the website now has a 'quick' view. This view displays all the products that you're browsing regardless of how many there are in a category. This is useful when you want to get a quick overview of the content or if you know what you are shopping for already.

The quick view lists prices and products broken down by manufacturer. You can easily scroll down the page to locate the manufacturer, and see what products it sells. This functionality is available for all categories including digital cameras, mobile phones, LCD TVs and laptops.

The quick view is a rather fast loading page and can be used if you're using a slow network connection or if you're browsing from a mobile device. PriceMe's mobile version is also available to mobile shoppers.

Keywords: Reviews, Shopping