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By: Ppnz  05-Apr-2012
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A music service provider (MSP) is anyone compiling sound and/or video recordings, for the purpose of supplying to customers for public performance. These compilations include services such as in-store sound systems, jukeboxes or hard-drives for venues, restaurants, cafes and bars. The definition also applies to businesses supplying to multiple premises within their own group - for example, chain stores.

MSP's will almost always require a music licence from PPNZ. The MSP licence is non-exclusive, and supply to customers does not include sale or assignment of the compiled programmes in any way.

Businesses purchasing playlists from MSP's should also note that they will require a separate public performance licence to allow the business to play the recorded music, as this aspect is not usually included in the fees paid to the relevant MSP.

To make an application for an MSP licence, or if you would like to check that the MSP playlist you are looking to purchase has been licensed, please contact us.

The following entities that currently hold a MSP Licence with PPNZ include:

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