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By: Point Research  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Market Research, Surveys

Point Research is`solutions’ focused and we deliver quality work on time and within budget.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop a research approach that delivers the solutions they need in a cost effective, convenient and timely manner. We work hard to build trust and respect, and deliver robust results that can be relied upon. We maintain positive relationships with stakeholders and we are committed to producing high quality research. This approach has ensured repeat business and loyalty from our clients.

Our team of core researchers and our consultant researchers have extensive background and a broad range of experience in the following fields:

Qualitative Research

We specialise in qualitative research and evaluation initiatives that use a community development model to influence social change. We are committed to this approach both in our work and in our lives.


We pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our key informant and stakeholder interviews. Our approach encourages openness and honesty, and elicits responses which add to the depth of our research.

We have a wide network of Māori and Pasifika research associates to conduct interviews when required.

Focus Groups

We are skilled and experienced in pulling together focus groups for research or consultation work.

Literature Reviews

Our team is expert at seeking, summarising and analysing relevant local and international material and presenting it in a format that is accessible and understandable.

Quantitative Research

Online surveys

We work closely with an online research agency to conduct large scale surveys (e.g. 20,000 respondents), alongside small surveys (300 respondents). Our team is experienced in weighting, preparing and analysing survey data.

Identification and analysis of statistical data

One of our specialities is the idenfication, collection and analysis of statistical data. We have a wide knowledge of local and international data sources and work with our clients to manage and present data in ways which is understandable and easy to update when required.


Evaluation work can be tricky. We have found that an effective strengths-based evaluation approach is to work alongside organisations as a `critical friend’, highlighting aspects that are working well, recommending approaches to improve areas that are not working well, and suggesting areas to move away from. In our experience, this instils confidence, encourages openness in interviewees and results in reports that are perceived as useful and are more likely to be released.

Market Research

We are steadily building an increasing commercial client base. We have found that our inclusive approach and systematic research methods are becoming sought after by commercial companies seeking more depth to their "market" research, or wanting robust evaluations of marketing strategies.

Keywords: Market Research, Surveys

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