Search Engine Optimisation

By: Podrepublic  12-Sep-2010
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"See why SEO has been named the single most important thing you can do for your business.
Don’t get left behind."

Search Engine optimisation is the art of driving more traffic to your website by improving your rankings on search engines such as google.
The word “Google” made its way into the oxford dictionary in 2006 as a verb - such is its popularity. Whether we’re looking for a plumber, a car or a wedding venue, almost all of us start at Google. There are other search engines, at least 60 or more. Some of the better known ones are Yahoo, Bing and MSN. For the purpose of this explanation we will use “google” as no one says lets “yahoo it” or “bing it” when looking for say, a plumber. Google is the most popular search engine to date. When given a request for a search, google will cast electronic spiders throughout the vast www, who then crawl about and pick up information from websites. This then gets indexed as the results in google pages we see as 1-25 (and more). Would you rather your business show up on 1 or 25? Search engine optimisation is a special skill that, when applied to your website, will make it more visible and favourable to the electronic spiders, so that they see you first, and thus index you first, which will result in higher traffic to your website.

Without search engine optimisation your website could remain on page 25- 250, and worst still, creep deeper into the depths of www where no one knows you exist. Increasing your google rankings could sky rocket you business by making your site more visible to the world. SEO is an important business strategy and an essential business system.

YES. Search engine optimisation is proven to work time and time again. The Internet is bursting with potential customers. SEO will map an easy path for them straight to your business. People will spend money anyway, if not on you, then on your competitors. Don’t let that happen. This is the kind of marketing that makes your bigger competitors big. They don’t neglect their SEO, neither should you. SEO will pay for itself in no time.

A website without SEO is like winking at a girl in the dark, you know you’re doing it, but nobody else does.
Pod republic has a great SEO plan to ensure your business stays on the top. So you’ve got the website, but its of no use to you if its on the dark side of search engines. Let POD SEO install you in the front, where you should be. Pod will install a free website hit counter, to show you how many people visit your site everyday. See the difference SEO makes. This might is the best investment you can make for your business.

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