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By: Planhorse Systems  06-Dec-2011
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Group sheet filing



is considered today to be the ultimate in efficient, economic and fully portable filing.  This vertical fully mobile system replaces the original flat horizontal drawer, the machines that fold down to A4 size, the pigeon holes and the prong cabinet methods.

The necessity for secure fire and theft proof cabinets to file original drawings that required protected storage has long since gone.   Today the day to day working drawings are photocopies run off from a master CD.  This produces large quantiites of easily replaced paper sheets necessitating more cost effective, accessible and mobile filing.  The Planhorse Clamp System is today's answer.

Very convenient for project work.  The system frees up valuable floor space and enables current work and active material to be stored near the user.


The Planhorse clamp system enables groups of sheets to be filed economically and efficiently with easy access for use.  Each clamp will hold with the same strong grip from 1 to 100 sheets enabling up to 2000 sheets to be filed on Mobile Trolleys and Wallracks.

Planhorse is mobile, portable and requires minimal space.  The system has a small space footprint but more storage capacity at a lower per sheet cost than conventional flat drawers or cabinets.

Ideal for the Construction industry, Architects and Designers who need to transport plans to work sites.  No drawings lying around getting damaged.  One clamp will hold (100) drawings to and from the job site.

Advantages of Planhorse over competitor systems

Many of the following Planhorse features are not available on our competitors products.

  • Guarantee Clamps - Carry a 10 Year Guarantee

                       Trolleys & Wallracks - Carry a 5 Year Guarantee


- Hold up to 100 sheets - weigh up to 12 Kilos (26 Lbs) when fully loaded.  The clamp itself weighs 66 grams (1.45 Lbs).

  •  The Clamp hangs on front loading Trolleys or Wallracks.
  •  To hang or remove a clamp simply tilt the clamp forward slightly clip it onto the hanging module then straighten so the  end stop keeps the clamp firmly attached to Trolley or Wallrack.  Reverse this procedure when removing.
  •  The clamp has a handle for easy carrying.
  •  The depth of the clamp jaws and its 2 extrusion design (instead of the 3 extrusion used by others) allows a much  stronger no slipping grip.
  • The design gives continuous gripping strength over the entire length of the clamp and eliminates any danger of contents being crimped, creased, marked or torn.  
  •  Planhorse uses strong industrial strength aluminium extrusion in its clamp. Competitors use lighter aluminium which weakens the grip causing slipage of contents. 
  • Planhorse clamps will hold 1 sheet as firmly as 100 sheets. Our clamp has greater gripping capacity than any competitors product we know of.
  • Finger tightness sufficient for strong grip.
  • Wing nuts made of zinc designed for easy grip.
  • Nylon washers on bolts permit easy opening and tightening.
  • L spring flush with inside of clamp leaves no sharp edges to damage     contents.
  • Rounded edge of clamp jaws eliminates damage to contents and desk tops.
  • Durable powder coated finish enhances appearance.
  • Planhorse powder coated clamps much less susceptible to chipping and scratching than those of competitors.  Majority of competitors clamps are anodised aluminium with sharp edges.
  • Strong Nylon acrylic hanging clip, does not scratch or scrape the surface of Trolley or wallrack’s hanging modules as happens with clips made of metal.
  • Ease of access to trolley’s and wallracks. Clamps hang anywhere on the hanging modules.

  • Carry a 5 year replacement guarantee.
  • Trolley and wallracks are front loading. No having to lift a laden clamp (12 kgs) to head height in order to lower and fit it into a Trolley which supports the clamp at each end.  No having to find brackets or fittings to support the clamp as is the case in competitors units.
  • Trolleys are load tested, carry up to 2000 sheets (4000 on the CAD Mobile) and are fully mobile on heavy duty industrial castors.
  • Vertical hanging system allows lateral movement facilitating easy finding of sets of drawings.
  • Planhorse universal clamp (available in limited markets) will fit several competitors systems and the universal trolley will carry competitors clamps/binders. 
  • Clamp access to Trolleys and Wallracks simple and quick. The clamp is hung from the front of the Trolley/Wallrack. Simply tilt the clamp as it is being hung clip it onto the hanging module then straighten to secure the front stop in its correct position at the back of the hanging module. To extract the clamp tilt and withdraw.
  • Trolley saves 90% of the floor space required by some competitor products.
  • Wallracks enable work to be stored close to the user.


Individual sheet filing



which files sheets indvidually on suspension strips and in bags has modernised the old immobile cabinet Prong and Pin system by making the storage medium mobile and enabling drawings to be returned to exactly the same position as they were taken from without disturbing the rest of the sheets in the Trolley or on the Wall Hanger.

The "secret" to the Single Sheet System is the Triangle shaped railing onto which the strips or bags are snapped.

The Single Sheet System is a simple, low cost, unique method of filing documents, Drawings, Plans and such like individually so each can be accessed separately.

The system holds the document by using Self Adhesive suspension strips and pre punched Bags/Pockets to hang on Mobile Trolleys and Wall Hangers.

The main advantages of the Single Sheet System are;
  • It is the very economic alternative to outdated pronged cabinets and flat drawers.
  • Uses only 10% of the floor space required for cabinets and drawers.
  • Is mobile and can be wheeled around with ease.
  • Enables documents to be taken out and replaced in exactly the same position   without disturbing the rest of the contents.
  • Triangle Bar hanging modules can be used in separate racking systems for long term archival storage.       Contact us for individual triangle bar purchase.
  • Inert Polyester job bags are unique add ons to this vertical hanging systems.
  • Simple snap on/off action enables contents of Trolley or Wall Hanger to be easily removed, then returned back to the same filing position from which they came.
  • Using individual suspension strips and clear bags enables easy viewing of contents.

Keywords: Clamp, Drawings, Filing

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To hang or remove a clamp simply tilt the clamp forward slightly clip it onto the hanging module then straighten so the end stop keeps the clamp firmly attached to Trolley or Wallrack. This vertical fully mobile system replaces the original flat horizontal drawer, the machines that folded down to A4 size the pigeon holes and the prong cabinet methods.


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