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By: Phoenix Pharm  05-Apr-2012
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QT Organic Minerals use a patented, polysaccharide mineral complexing technology from QUALITECH, USA to ensure the best bioavailability and absorption rates for your cattle”

Organic trace minerals (minerals like copper and zinc complexed to molecules containing carbon), can provide significant benefits to animal health, animal welfare, and farm economics, that are not achievable via inorganic trace minerals (like copper sulphate and zinc sulphate).

This is because organic minerals are absorbed and utilised by animals much more effectively.

Also, QT Organic Minerals are compatible with other essential trace minerals such as selenium, cobalt and iodine, enabling formulation of a complete yet economical trace mineral supplement programme that satisfies your herd’s demands.

QT Organic minerals provide:

Your veterinarian can best advise on formulation options that provide the correct organic trace mineral benefits at an economically viable cost. QT Organic Minerals are available only from veterinary clinics to ensure appropriate advice accompanies any decision regarding use of these minerals.

A water dispersible dietary organic copper additive for cattle

QT Copper provides a predictable and consistent amount of usable copper to cows under circumstances where copper absorption from copper sulphate can be erratic or minimal.

QT Copper is an ultrafine, water dispersible powder of polysaccharide complexed copper. Each gram of powder provides 127mg copper. It may be added to feed, or, if mixed with water, administered to cattle through the drinking water or as a drench. QT Copper provides:

QT Copper is particularly useful to help manage secondary copper deficiency problems on farms where copper uptake from pasture or inorganic copper is compromised by high levels of antagonists such as molybdenum, iron, sulphates, etc.

QT Copper can fill the gap between low pasture copper levels and the consequent need for the cow to draw on liver reserves to meet daily demand. Or, at higher daily supplementation rates, QT Copper can be used to replenish depleted liver copper reserves to provide a reserve for when daily supplementation may be impractical, (such as when wintering over at a run-off).

Using QT Copper strategically to raise liver copper reserves as required, can replace the need to use injectable copper (or other forms of long-term copper supplements) that can be labour intensive and stressful to cattle.

A water dispersible dietary organic zinc additive for cattle

QT Zinc has better uptake than an inorganic zinc such as zinc sulphate. When used appropriately, QT Zinc can provide herd health benefits not achievable by inorganic zinc.

QT ZINC is an ultrafine, water dispersible powder of polysaccharide complexed zinc. Each gram of powder provides 220mg zinc. It may be added to feed, or, if mixed with water, administered to cattle through the drinking water or as a drench. QT Zinc supplementation of around 360mg daily, (where normal dietary zinc intake is adequate) has been shown to:

However, such benefits of organic zinc may only become evident where other factors that predispose to high SCC’s and lameness have been adequately addressed.

Zinc is used by the body to drive over 250 enzyme systems associated with immune system function, reproductive performance, and maintenance of connective tissue strength and integrity. Zinc requirements are raised during periods of stress and when the immune system is being challenged, such as when infections like mastitis occurs. Unlike copper, the body has no storage system for zinc, but when immune system demands for zinc are high, keratin containing tissues such as hooves and skin (which also need zinc), may become under supplied. This may compromise hoof strength and integrity.

Supplementing the diet with inorganic zinc like zinc sulphate may be helpful, but its benefit and effect is uncertain. In fact, excess zinc sulphate supplementation can be detrimental and depress production.

A water dispersible dietary organic copper/zinc additive for cattle

Combining organic copper and organic zinc together can improve herd health, milk production and quality, and reproductive performance in certain circumstances.

QT Copper/Zinc Combo is an ultrafine, water dispersible powder of combined polysaccharide complexed copper and zinc. Each 2.5 gram of powder provides 127mg copper and 330mg zinc. It may be added to feed, or, if mixed with water, administered to cattle through the drinking water or as a drench. QT Copper/Zinc Combo provides:

Keywords: Organic Minerals

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