Boomer Natural

By: Pet Pac  05-Apr-2012

Nutrition for Active and Show Dogs. High Protein, High Energy and Great Taste! Meets all the AFFCO specifications. This is definitely our most popular nutrition sold throughout NZ and Australia. Dogs love it and it is great for them. Breeders and Show Dog owners around NZ marvel at the condition of their dogs once having fed Boomer Natural for a few weeks. It helps give them that extra energy for performance and endurance and promotes healthy skin and coat.

Ingredients - Wholegrains, meat & meat by-products derived from beef & sheep, grain by-products, poultry meal, tallow, oil from vegetable seeds, kelp, garlic, iodised salt. Vitamins A, B2, D, E, K & trace minerals - calcium, potassium (K), zinc, manganese & calcium proprionate (anti-mould).
Protein 20% min, Fat 12% min, Fibre 5% max and Salt

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Baby Boomer

We have a lot of breeders and kennels who are delighted in the way their pups have progressed - many are amazed at the pups condition and shiny coats only after a few weeks on this product. Ingredients - Freshly cooked meat & meat by-products from mutton, lamb, beef & poultry, rice pollard, sunflower meal. Full of protein and, vitamins and minerals essential for normally healthy growth.


Just Natural - Boomer Complete

Boomer Complete has not only been renamed, it also has lots of new vitamins and minerals such as pro-biotics and kelp and garlic added. For overweight and less active dogs Just Natural has been replaced by a similar more refined weight loss product Boomer Complete. 18% protein however Boomer Complete promotes healthy skin and coat and also has added enriching Vitamin E for extra conditioning.