By: Perceptive  06-Dec-2011

It is safe to say that Perceptive have a broad set of skills. All of which are grounded in one thing - Human Truths. We look at things openly, we think clearly, we approach pragmatically, and we apply our experience professionally to obtain the desired effect whatever that may be. 

It would be difficult to list every moving part within Perceptive, every element, every aspect of our portfolio of services. The service we are best at, is identifying what to do. What approach is going to be the best for the situation we are in. Whether the situation requires a simple focus group, a nationwide phone survey or a more complex form of conjoint analysis. It really depends on the needs that face us and our clients. 

We do provide a unique level of support to


. This is based on an intimate understanding of their businesses. We know exactly what they need from a team of people like us, and we deliver on these needs quickly and effectively.

If we had to group our services we could do so in the follow broad areas:

Other products and services from Perceptive



Whether this is in a traditional capacity or a hybrid capacity we can deliver on what you need, and build a platform for a great relationship. We are able to understand elements of your business and your challenges quickly, gain an holistic view and identify how we can help. Perceptive are known for being good at diagnosing situations. To chat in more detail.



This is the most cost effective research solution in the country and has been designed to allow marketing professional to "group buy", and keep the costs of finding out important information down. Perceptive run an omnibus every month which goes to a nationally representative sample of New Zealanders. There is an art to running focus groups and Perceptive are among the best in New Zealand at it.



People have changed in the way they think, the way they behave and the way the interact with everything - from technology to each other. How we interact matters if we want accurate and "real" information as opposed to what people expect from a market research company. Perceptive interact with the market in lots of different ways, but one of our pioneering areas is through social media.