Human Capital Management Software and HCM Solutions

By: Peoplestreme  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Management Solutions, Performance Management, Succession Planning

Human Capital

PeopleStreme specialises in Human Capital Management solutions and HCM software. We understand solutions, know how to implement successful systems and know what works and what does not. Our goal is to help you to drive business productivity through the best processes possible for your organisation.

Talent Management

Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking
Our software helps the organisation reduce time to hire, reduce cost per hire, increase candidate quality and reduce internal blockages. Logins are available for hiring managers, recruiters and job applicants.

Talent & Retention Management
Talent & Retention Manager is a world leading Talent and Retention Management application. Understand who is likely to leave in the next year, who occupies critical roles, who your top talent is and where you need to pay attention to your top Talent.

Succession Planning
Succession Planning allows you to nominate the strategically and operationally significant roles within your organisation.

Position Description Manager
Position Description Manager is a powerful Position Description Management System and PD Library designed to run on your intranet.

Employee Recognition
Pride@Work allows Managers, Supervisors and Employees to nominate a person for recognition, when they display excellent organisational values and behaviors.

Competency Manager
Competency Manager manages your organisation’s competency framework and allows for self and manager Competency Reviews. Your competency framework is stored within the Competency Manager database, and review forms relevant to the specific role are generated dynamically.

Performance Management

Performance Management
PeopleStreme Performance Management is a world leading Performance Appraisal and Review system which includes Performance Management and Competency Management.

Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisal is a fully automated process to conduct performance appraisals including Position Descriptions and reviews, review against Organisation Values and Behaviours, personal Development Plan and link to Learning and Development.

360 Degree Feedback Survey
The 360 Degree Feedback Survey system allows company specific question sets to be developed to evaluate staff perceptions in areas relevant to an organisation’s strategic direction.

Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard is designed for organisations that uses the Balanced Scorecard methodology and want to ensure that every person understands their part in achieving the Balanced Scorecard metrics and goals.

HR Management Software

Organisation Charter
Organisation Charter provides organisational charting with either automated or manual data import. Charts and reports are automatically formatted and may contain email addresses and optional photographs. Suitable for medium to large organisations.

HR Metrics HR Metrics Dashboard
PerfoHRM is a web-based Human Resources Dashboard offering a comprehensive range of analytics and reporting tools covering every key area of workforce management.

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