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By: Peers Brown Miller  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Landscape, Resource Management, Tree Removal

Heritage Trees

Identifying and working with heritage trees to ensure the long term harmony between the landscape and the built environment.  We assist Council's creating and implementing evaluation systems to assess proposed trees for scheduling.

Advisory Work

Peers Brown Miller Limited can provide expert witness testimony for planning inquiries, appeals, local authority and environmental court hearings, other legal proceedings. We also offer expert advice on resource management and district plan issues relating to trees and protected vegetation.

Arborist Reports

An arborist report is an integral component of the development and resource management process where protected trees and vegetation are involved. Specific and accurate information about the trees and vegetation in question, such as location, condition, structural integrity, disease, infestations and vigour is detailed. The report also identifies the nature of the work to be undertaken and proposes appropriate protection measures. An arborist report helps determine the legitimacy or merit of requests for tree removal or works which may affect retained trees and vegetation, enabling the efficient review of proposals by local authorities. This can result in fewer delays in the processing of applications.

Environmental Restoration

Peers Brown Miller Limited provide a complete site specific environmental restoration service that includes; weed management programmes; revegetation plans and design; ecological assessments and environmental monitoring.

Landscape Design

Peers Brown Miller Limited Landscape Design provides the best possible service in the planning, design and management of open spaces in all contexts. Our goal is the enhancement and conservation the environment. We seek to unite the individual aims and objectives of our clients with the character, constraints and zoning requirements of the site. Through selection of appropriate plant material the architectural style and character of a particular development is complimented within the open spaces that surround it.

Landscape Plans

Landscape plans are a key consideration for all developments. A well conceived landscape plan integrates a development within its environment. It makes a positive contribution to the surrounding area and can add to the market value of the site. A Peers Brown Miller Limited Landscape Plan aims to enrich existing wildlife habitats and improve the ecological value of sites. Incorporating existing healthy vegetation, screening shrubs, natural habitats or features into a plan can give schemes an instant maturity and assist their integration into the local area.

Monitoring & Supervision

Peers Brown Miller Limited has a team of qualified arborists and supervisory personnel who monitor and supervise works that affect protected vegetation on development sites. Our services include; pre-start works meetings to explain conditions of resource consent as they apply to protected vegetation; on-going monitoring and supervision during course of works to ensure compliance with resource consent; provision of compliance and monitoring memorandums.

Keywords: Arborist Reports, Environmental Restoration, Landscape, Resource Management, Tree Removal