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Alcohol: beer, wine, spirits, pre-mix drinks, and ciders

Is alcohol the only pleasure in your day, it’s the only way to relax, the only thing just for you, a reward for the days effort?? Then you need to change the way you look at alcohol, and find other things or ways to replace it.

Why you need to limit it?

Science links alcohol to six of the major cancers: Breast, colon, stomach, liver, throat, and esphageal. As we know the body cannot excrete alcohol, it has to be converted into acetaldehyde via the liver, where it can then be excreted (Weaver, 2011). When the liver gets to busy trying to excrete alcohol, it results into recycling the other products that pass through the liver back into the body, like estrogen and cholesterol, which can cause health problems.

 So drink alcohol on special occassions if possible.

Caffiene: coffee, tea, chocolate

Why you need to limit it?

It is the fastest way to amp your SNS reponse, these days the population is very SNS dominate. Being SNS dominate is stressing the body the whole time, stress is the cause of many health problems. Therefore by reducing the amount of caffiene can help balance out your adrenal system and courage PNS reponse to work. Therefore result in better weight control and moods.

Drink green tea and instead of chocolate try the sweet treat recipe

Simple Sugar: Fruit and vegetables contain fructose, galactose, lactose and maltose. Refined-sugar foods include candy, cakes, syrups, fruit juices, regular carbonated beverages, ready-to-eat cereals and various condiments.

Why you need to limit it?

Sugar can drains and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification and elimination makes upon one's entire system. When the liver capacity is full then it forms fatty tissue around your organs which is a cause of health concern.

Stick to vegetables, fruits, natural foods that don’t contain anymore than 25g of sugar per 100g.

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