Develop and Printing from negatives and transparencies

By: Pcl Imaging  06-Dec-2011

Digital Machine Prints from 35mm & 120 colour or black & white negatives and transparencies printed on our Fuji Frontier machine printers.

Due to the many varying formats of originals, we use R Sizes on this service. For an explanation of R Sizes, please go to the info page of our website.

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Film Processing Dip and Dunk E6, C41, B&W

The adoption of digital camera technology has had an enormous impact on labs, with many abandoning film processing, or simply unable to adapt and having to close. Professional Dip and Dunk film machines with meticulous process control & experienced staff all combine to give you the best quality available. We have found ourselves offering an increasingly rare and precious service:great quality film processing.


PCL Imaging:Proof Sheets from film or file on photographic paper

Digital Enlarged Proof Sheets are printed digitally from files on gloss or matte photographic paper. They can be from film or files (TIFF or JPEG), and includes the file name of each image. Images sizes vary according to amount per sheet.


Frontier Photographic Machine Prints from film or files

This system bypasses the built in profiling that is pre-installed on the printers, in effect colour management is performed the same as per our Premium services. Frontier prints are output on Fuji Frontier machine printers from digital files and are colour managed using our own in-house ICC profiling system. Due to the many varying formats of originals, we use R Sizes on this service.