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By: Pb Technologies  06-Dec-2011

Welcome to the Service Department

We have service departments in every branch. Penrose is our largest, which is also an HP service center for notebooks. Our service technicians are ready on the phone or in person to assist you with those tasks that you either don't know how to do or have too little time for.

Phone (09)5269200 Extension 2 Penrose Job Status Checker

(Updated every 10 minutes)

All prices exclude GST.

Job Type Standard Express
Fitting Memory to Notebook $25 $40
Fitting Graphics Card or Optical Drive $30 $40
Basic Installing Windows(1.5hr)(pc only) $90 $120
Installing Windows(no drivers supplied)(2 hrs) $120 $160
Cleaning Viruses (starting from per hour) $60 $120
Cleaning Viruses with AV Software $90 $160
PC or Parts Generic Diagnostic/Testing/Quote $45 $60
NB Generic Diagnostic/Testing/Quote $60 $80
Transfer My Documents(Good Drive) $60 $80
Transfer My Docs + Mail(Good Drive) $90 $120
Recover Data(Non Physical Failure) (starting from per hour) $120 $200
Magic Clone $120 $198
Hourly Rate $60 $80
On-Site Hourly Rate $99 $120
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