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By: Pauanesia  06-Dec-2011

Here you will find a range of accessories (excluding jewellery which has it's own section) that we have in store. Everything from shopper bags to purses and wraps and throws to sarongs. We hope you are delighted by what you find.

We've created a few sub-categories to make getting around easier. See them below.

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Snuggle scarves - Merino and possum knits - accessories

The blend of fine soft merino wool and possum fibre is remarkably light to wear and helps keep you glowingly warm. Nylon has been added to ensure that the knit retains its shape and is easy to care for. Wairua is the Maori word for 'spirit or 'soul.


Merino and possum knits - accessories

It is a Maori belief that the spirits of ancestors roam the landscape of Aotearoa and are all around us: they are present in our mountains, our bush and our lakes and beaches. This belief and the colours and patterns of our landscape have inspired our Wairua Knit collection. Wairua is the Maori word for 'spirit or 'soul.