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By: Parallel Directions  05-Apr-2012
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We are often called in by CEOs and CFOs of Auckland-based corporates who want to make sure their office leasing decisions are the best they can be. We help them work out exactly what office space they need and make it happen. And we look after all the time-consuming and tricky negotiations with landlords and real estate agents.

Auckland office space. Our job is to remove it from your worry list.

We specialise in office leasing matters that require negotiations with the landlord and careful planning..

  • New leases, office relocations, expansions, consolidations, subleasing, mergers and acquisitions
  • Rent reviews, lease renewals, lease terminations
  • Leasing office space, call centres, retail, warehouse, industrial or educational space
  • Aligning your real estate requirements with strategic business objectives

Peter Scott and the team at Parallel Directions have been in the property game long enough to know how best to deal with landlords and real estate agents..

  • Knowing where the pitfalls are and how to avoid mistakes
  • Knowing where the flexibility is in a lease agreement and how to extract the best deal
  • Knowing how to deal with pressure situations

But knowledge alone isn't enough. You need world class systems. We have developed a suite of formal and disciplined systems to help us manage landlord negotiations, office relocations and lease planning.

Negotiating new office leases and exits from old leases, rent reviews, lease renewals, disputes. "Sword-fighting" with the landlord or real estate agent to get you the best possible deal when leasing office space!

Helping your senior management team to identify office options, select the best office space, "sell" it to the board, negotiate the lease and manage the relocation project.

Planning process to make sure you have the right amount of office space (enough, but not too much), identify what you have and what you need, make sure you are in the right location and correct office environment, and ensure your strategic objectives are supported by your property (rather than property driving your operations, i.e. the tail wagging the dog.. surprisingly common!).

Our service often effectively costs nothing. Because of our experience and disciplined approach, fees spent with us can be saved many times over..

  • Making sure you don't lease too much office space.
  • Making sure you get the results you want.
  • Making sure you don't get the results you don't want!
  • Project management to minimise expenditure and downtime and maximise the effectiveness (productivity) of your new office space.
  • Protecting you from lease traps that cost big money, e.g. dilapidation claims, reinstatement.
  • We negotiate your leases and lease terms with landlords and real estate agents.. and generally get better deals than you could on your own.
  • We get you out of your old offices and into new office space.. in the right location and correct office environment for your needs.
  • We reduce your office leasing costs.. making sure you have the right amount of office space (enough, but not too much), negotiating good deals, making sure your strategic objectives are supported by your property, and protecting you from expensive traps.
  • With Parallel Directions on your team you have one less thing on your worry list. Your office leasing is under the watchful eye of experts.

Office leasing is a serious commitment. It needs serious expertise.

Parallel Directions - unparalleled property leasing expertise for corporate tenants.

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