Insurance Fraud Investigations

By: Paragon  06-Dec-2011

 Insurance fraud has been with the insurance industry since it began. It is seen as a "victimless" crime where nobody personally suffers a loss, but huge wealthy insurance conglomerates make extra payouts from their wealth funds. An Insurance Council fraud survey in 2005, found 13% of respondents said that insurance companies can easily afford to pay.

The reality is that insurance fraud has to be paid for by honest policyholders. Insurance fraud is a crime and a cost to our community and every policy holder.

Most insurance fraud occurs at claim time, through claims for:

  • events/losses that didn't happen
  • staged losses - for example arson, vehicle theft
  • exaggerated claims

In addition, a large number of fraudulent claims occur for non-disclosure of information that insurers require, in order to match the correct premium to the risk -  Insurance Council of New Zealand.

Paragon has a Nationwide coverage of Insurance Fraud Investigators.

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