PanWorld Travel

By: Panworld Travel  06-Dec-2011

PanWorld Services

PANWORLD TRAVEL has, within a short space of time, successfully established a fantastic reputation earned its personalised and excellence in customer service.


Air Bookings

Excellent airline relationships enable PANWORLD TRAVEL to secure great prices for their customers. PANWORLD TRAVEL confirm bookings instantly.



Accommodation bookings online and when the customer is unsure, our professionals help find suitable accommodation to meet the customers requirements and budgets by providing a number of options.



PANWORLD TRAVEL can organise activity based tours for groups and individual tourists, masterminding them efficiently and effectively. PANWORLD TRAVEL specialises in New Zealand tours and offers a host of international tourist services.


Itinerary Planning and Personalised Holidays

PANWORLD TRAVEL have an established record helping customers with arrangements in many exciting programs.

To continue on its growth journey, PANWORLD TRAVEL will during 2009 launch its online service. This service is branded separately using and is designed to give the power to the hands of the individual efficiently and effectively. Where the customer seeks help then PANWORLD TRAVEL’s professional expertise will be utilised giving the customer the best of an online and personal service experience.