By: Our World  06-Dec-2011

All Metal surface finishing:

l          Steel (iron, mild steel, stainless steel, anodized steel, zinc steel)

l          Aluminum Alloys

l          Copper Alloys

l          Silver

Color ranges:     Currently about four hundred color you can choose from


Size ranges:         Up to size of 4000mm * 1900mm * 1800mm


Thickness :          Up to 375 microns


Type of job:          New and old to renew


Cabinets                    Car parts                            Lift                       Signs                                                      Curtain tracks              Fences & doors                   Wheel chairs              Window frames                            Storage shelves           Aluminum Extrusions            Engineering parts        building Flushing                            MAG wheels               lighting sets                         Appliance                   House wares                             Sheet metal panels       Display holders