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Keywords: Project Management

OTUS helps clients achieve a competitive advantage through integration of business intelligence with corporate strategic planning. We apply expert knowledge and project management skills to ensure that client needs are met effectively and efficiently. The result is that our clients gain the ability to avoid surprise, identify new opportunities, assess risk and position themselves for strategic advantage.


OTUS’s provides consultancy advise, education and training to companies which are seeking to establish, or to continue to develop their business intelligence capability.

The majority of companies already possess the material and human resources needed to establish an effective in-house intelligence capability. It is often a case of identifying these existing resources and integrating them into a system which will support the production of intelligence to sustain the firm’s strategic decision making process. There are a number of processes which are applied to realise this objective.

  • Education
    This process familiarises both the producers and end-users of the intelligence / knowledge product with the concept of business intelligence and how it can be applied to make a company more competitive.
  • Training
    The producers of intelligence are trained to effectively apply proven intelligence systems to produce timely and relevant intelligence.
  • Information and knowledge Auditing
    An audit is conducted to identify where industry information, knowledge and expertise reside within the company. The subsequent product forms the basis of the internal retrieval system of ‘Meta-Data’ (information about information) which supports the production of intelligence.
  • Process Design,
    The results of the audit are integrated with the company’s existing organisational architecture and corporate culture, to identify and establish the most practical and operationally effective means of information management, to support the production and use of intelligence.
  • Validating the Process
    This process verifies the capabilities of the system to produce timely and relevant intelligence. System validation is achieved by comparing knowledge outputs with planned intelligence requirements to make strategic plans.
  • Support and Consultancy
    Regular best practice audits are used to ensure continuing proficiency and to facilitate system evolution and development.


  • Physical Security
    Survey of hard assets such as buildings, equipment and raw materials based on proven systems and processes. Analysis of the survey output provides the foundations for the security planning programs that ensure the physical security of assets. Additionally venue/conference security surveys, risk assesment and planning services are available.
  • Information Technology
    Establishment and deployment of 'Tiger Teams' to test the security of existing corporate IT systems and to advise on improved security measures. We have available some of the best IT security personnel in the Southern Hemisphere, to advise on corporate security.
  • Personnel
    Personnel audits and employee security checks. Advice concerning vetting of new employees and the provision of non-disclosure documentation and education within the corporate structure. Investigation of information leaks and asset shrinkage.


  • Overseas Travel
    Real time travel advisories and threat assessments.
  • International research projects
    Corporate and strategic research projects and information collection support on behalf of client companies.
  • Corporate / Personal Security
    Corporate security audits on company personnel living, working in insecure areas and advice on threat minimisation strategies and training. Provision of personal close protection by ex-military professionally trained and qualified close protection personnel available on request.
  • Civil Emergency Planning
    Full administrative design services to cover all regulatory, environmental, fire and disaster planning requirements. Best practice search, education, design and implementation of fire and disaster plans.
  • Contingency Planning
    Establishing contingency plans to minimise disruption of commercial services due to utility failure or industrial /civil disturbance. Special attention is given to Y2K problems from an organisational perspective and contingency planning undertaken to minimise the likely disruption to corporate services and viability.


  • Marketing and Benchmarking
    International marketing research projects and world class benchmarking studies.
  • Future Studies
    Establishment of in-house or out-sourced Global Delphi Future Studies programs to empower management in the strategic-planning processes.

Keywords: Project Management

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