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By: Orchard Gold  06-Dec-2011
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Our Products « Orchard Gold

Our Orchard Gold berryfruit contains only the very best frozen berryfruit.
The fruit is carefully inspected then frozen immediately to preserve its natural beauty, goodness and quality. Try our full range of scrumptious, healthy
Orchard Gold temptations.

Orchard Gold Mixed Berries

The premium combination of Blackberries, Boysenberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. Thaw a handful of berries in the microwave and add to your breakfast cereal or yoghurt. Or use in smoothies, yoghurt, coulis, tarts and pies, muffins
and ice cream.

Orchard Gold Raspberries

Chocolate and Raspberries—now who doesn’t like that combination! Add some vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm.
Add Orchard Gold Raspberries to your muffins, friands,
tarts, smoothies, coulis, ice cream, yoghurt. Have with
custard or rice.

Orchard Gold Smoothie Berries

We love smoothies… and Orchard Gold Smoothie Berries are
the perfect base for a smoothie—any time of the day or night.
A blend of Strawberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. Go on, make your favourite smoothie right now, or try some of the Berry-ations on the pack.

Orchard Gold Red and Black Berries

Orchard Gold Red and Black berries are a sensational
mix of Raspberries and Blackberries. You remember
the lollies— now try the healthy version.
Snack on these any time.

Orchard Gold Blueberries

Blueberries are nature’s brain food. Good things come out
of the Blue and this is particularly so for Blueberries.
Orchard Gold Blueberries are carefully selected to provide
you with high quality anthocyanins. Great in muffins, pikelets, tarts, cakes, pies, smoothies, ice cream, yoghurt, relish and chutneys, vinegar.

Orchard Gold Super Berries

You want healthy energy and you want it fast… no mess and no messing around. Our new Super Berries Blend has been put together so you can add a super boost of Antioxidants to your diet without any hassles

Orchard Gold Cranberries

Cranberries are full of the zest of life and have been used since Roman times for their health-giving properties.
Now we know their antioxidant properties are among the highest of all fruit. Great in sauces, juices, fruit smoothies, relishes and muffins. Cranberries are not sweet berries—we suggest you cook them in apple
or orange juice, or add sugar, honey or other sweetener.

Keywords: Berries, Blueberries, Ice Cream, Muffins, Smoothies, Yoghurt