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By: Optimis  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Business Systems

Optimis Systems provides business and information software solutions for small to medium sized New Zealand businesses.

At the core of any business system is the financials to record customer and supplier invoices, bank transactions and provide reports on the financial posistion. A key part of successfull business systems is to integrate fully with the financial system to ensure the integrity of information and avoid duplication of data

Optimis has developed its own software that is easily tailored to fit your exact requirements so your input and access to information flows effeciently and is easily understood by those using the system.

Optimis works mainly with Microsoft technologies to develop associated programs to support the main business applications using web browsers, cloud computing, Mobile phone applications and SharePoint.

Optimis Provides full support for the MYOB products and for its own software. This includes the the inital implementation of the software including transfer of data from your current systems, training and ongoing support. Ongoing support is generally managed via the phone and with internet access to your netowrk to enable issues to be resolved quickly.

Having access to your business systems while away from the office and the increased use of smart phones and tablets can help you business. While some of these technoligies are new Optimis is working to ensure that you can get the best access to information while away from the office.

Use of technology to improve input of information can improve effeciency and accuracy. Optimis requarily works with different methods of data input such as bar codes, fingerscan readers, integration with software on machines and PDA type devices to automate the input of data.

Access to information direct from a remote server is becoming more of a buiness proposition. Whilst there are still challanges in this concept for buiness systems there are advantages with using this technology. Optimis if working on these areas with other technology companies to use the benifits of cloud computing in the both the short term and looking at the long term methods when a more robust fibre network is available.

Keywords: Business Systems