The NZ Herald’s Version « Olly Newland

By: Olly Newland  05-Apr-2012

The NZ Herald’s Version « Olly Newland

You read it here first folks. Now Granny Herald has picked up the story as if it was something that nobody knew about until now. Had the Herald read my website they would have known of the “crisis” months ago. I have been predicting this shortage for a long time, as you know.

But what is the flow-on from the “crisis” ?
Answer: Rising property prices, and rising rents, throughout the established areas of Auckland (not to mention bigger and bigger headlines!)

But it’s not all in melt down. Investors can always get provide cheap rents in the poorer suburbs of South Auckland if they don’t mind long motorway hold ups, higher crime statistics, gang head quarters on every other street and a large part of the population high on and drugs.

The NZ Herald: Auckland rent crisis at record high
14 March 2012

Auckland’s rental crisis has intensified – average weekly rent for a three-bedroom house has jumped $55 in a month and rents in popular suburbs have risen 25 per cent in the last year. …

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The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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Prime Minister John Key says the housing shortage in Auckland, which has led to rising rents in the city, highlights one of the reasons he is not a fan of a capital gains tax. Real Estate Institute of New Zealand CEO Helen O’Sullivan told the NZHerald that while the rise could be a blip, the city’s housing shortage had not been remedied.


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Shopping strips at Browns Bay & Huapai were sold under the hammer on sub-7% yields at a Colliers International auction today. The 8 shops at Clyde Court in Browns Bay were sold on a 6.4% yield and the 7 at Huapai on a 6.4% yield.