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Physical Address ( )
AUT International House
Level 9
300 Queen Street
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 921 9630
Fax: +64 920 0420


The school: AUT International House is right in the centre of downtown Auckland, opposite the historic Civic Theatre and one block from the Town Hall. The school is well equipped and occupies two floors of a modern building overlooking the main AUT campus and has views over the harbour and out to the islands.

Small Classes: Classes of 12 to 14 students.

International environment: Our students come from many different countries including, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Meet New Zealand students: Everyday our students have the opportunity of meeting New Zealand students studying at AUT.

Professional, experienced and qualified teachers: AUT International House chooses the best possible teachers. Our teaching methods are modern and effective


morning classes

General English:

Entry Level: All levels Beginner – Advanced.

Length: Minimum 1 month. Students may enrol for any course length they choose.

Course Description: We offer General English classes at all levels, as a morning option. Students can choose to study General English either part-time or full-time. The course aims to develop and extend students’ English language abilities through input and practice in the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, with emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Small class sizes and a focus on communication are an important part of these classes.

Cambridge ESOL Examination Courses (full-time 24 hours per week):

Entry Level: Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) Entry Level: Late Intermediate.

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) Entry Level: Upper Intermediate.

Entry Test: Students must sit an entry test before the course start date to ensure that they are at the correct English level to undertake the course.

Starting Dates: Late March and September.

Length: 11 weeks full-time (see Dates and Fees Schedule). Students should arrange for an extra week’s accommodation because exams take place during the week after the course finishes.

Course Description: These courses provide students with optimum preparation for the Cambridge ESOL FCE and CAE examinations. Courses follow a systematic programme which focuses on extending and improving grammar and vocabulary knowledge as well as developing reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. These courses are useful for students planning to live or work in an English-speaking environment or to teach English language. Examination fees and materials are included in course fees. Students may take a General English course prior to starting Cambridge courses.

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) course is offered as required.

Academic English:

For students at Intermediate level and above AUT International House offers a range of academic pathways to IELTS,certificate, diploma, undergraduate degree, postgraduate diploma and degree level university courses.

General English (Morning) and IELTS (Afternoon)

Entry Level: Completion of one month of Intermediate 2 or acceptable level on the AUT IH placement test.

Length: 1-3 months.

Course Description: The IELTS component of the course focuses on developing all four language skills and gives students an introduction to the requirements of the IELTS test. Students will learn skills and strategies that will help them in the exam and which will also improve their General English. The course includes the systematic study of English grammar and academic vocabulary.

General English (Morning) and IELTS / EAP (English for Academic Purposes) (Afternoon):

This course is designed for mid Intermediate and higher level students.

Entry Level: Completion of one month of Intermediate 3 or Intermediate 2 students who have completed the IELTS course or acceptable level on the AUT IH placement test.

Length: 1 – 8 months.

Course Description: The IELTS/EAP component of the course focuses on all sections of the IELTS Academic Module. The IELTS/EAP course is topic-based. It focuses not only on the IELTS exam but also on developing general language skills, including grammar and academic vocabulary needed for successful study at tertiary institutions.


Entry Level: IELTS 5.5 with a minimum writing band 5.0, successful completion of Intermediate 3 or higher or acceptable level on the AUT IH placement test.

Length: 3 months full- time (24 hours per week).

Starting dates: April – June, October- December

Course Description: This academic course develops English language competency to IELTS equivalent standard. The course incorporates a group research project, a spoken presentation and formal final assessment. If successfully completed it can provide a pathway into a range of AUT University courses. For Business Faculty programmes it is not necessary to sit the IELTS exam with successful completion of the GIE course.

Afternoon Classes :

General English:

Entry Level: Beginner to Advanced.

Length: Minimum 1 month.

Course Description: These courses are organised around topic-based units, e.g. health, family, travel etc. Afternoon General English classes focus on all four skills areas – listening, reading, writing and speaking, as well as the study of vocabulary and grammar. A range of media is used to supplement these courses.

Business English:

Entry Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

Length: 1, 2 or 3 months.

Course Description: These courses focus on the language and skills necessary for international business communication in a wide range of situations. Students are placed in classes according to their general English level. Topics covered on the courses include business correspondence and communication, management styles and CV writing. Business 3 and Business 4 allow students to prepare for Cambridge ESOL Business English Certificate Exams at either Preliminary or Vantage levels respectively.

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication):

Entry Level: Intermediate 2 and higher.

Length: Minimum 1 month.

Course Description: TOEIC is an exam preparation course for the internationally recognised TOEIC Test. The course is designed around the 7 TOEIC topic areas. It focuses particularly on listening and reading but also develops an understanding of spoken English. In addition it covers business vocabulary, grammar and understanding written English. The core text is the Oxford Preparation Course for TOEIC Test’ which students are expected to purchase (NZ$60). AUT International House is an official TOEIC testing centre for students enrolled at the school. TOEIC exams are offered regularly during the year for enrolled students.


Entry Level: Intermediate 1 or higher.

Length: 1 month topic-based.

Course Description: This topic-based course improves all areas of pronunciation – individual sounds, word and sentence stress, intonation, pausing and linking. Listening and reading as well as speaking skills are developed on the course

New Zealand Studies:

Entry Level: Intermediate 3 or higher.

Length: 1 month.

Course Description: This course introduces students to aspects of New Zealand customs, culture and history. Students work with a range of New Zealand-based authentic materials and develop skills and vocabulary related to the course topics. The course includes some field trips to places of interest.

AUT International house English Language

Course Beginner Elementary Pre-intermediate Intermediate 1 Intermediate 2 Intermediate 3 Upper-Intermediate 1 Upper-Intermediate
General English
(Part time and Full time)
· · · · · · · · ·
GIE · · ·
IELTS full-time · · · · ·
FCE (Full time) · · ·
CAE (Full time) · ·
Business English 1 & 2

(Afternoon Option)

· · · · · ·
Business English 3 & 4

(Afternoon Option)

· · · ·

(Afternoon Option)

· · · · ·

(Afternoon Option)

· · · ·
TOEIC · · · · ·


Course Registration Fee NZ $200

General English Part -time Tuition (15 hours per week)* NZ $290 per week

General English Full-time Tuition (24 hours per week)*

Full-time Tuition up to and including 12 weeks NZ $395 per week

Full-time Tuition 13 weeks to 23 weeks NZ $375 per week

Full-time Tuition 24 weeks and more NZ $355 per week

* Course book to purchase (approximately NZ $50- 65) or to

rent (refundable deposit of approximately NZ $50- 65 and rental fee of $10

Cambridge Examination Courses (includes course materials, e

xam pratice book and examination fee) (11 week course) NZ $4,850 FCE/CAE

GIE/ Academic Pathway

This includes materials excluding additional grammar

practice book (12 week course) NZ $5,140

IELTS full-time (IFT)

These include the addition of $65 materials fee

12 week course NZ $4,925

13 week course NZ $5,335

Exam Fees

IELTS exams NZ $340

TOEIC (results statement only) NZ $150

TOEIC (results statement and certificate) NZ $175

Cambridge ESOL exams: FCE/CAE NZ $290

BEC Preliminary NZ $280

BEC Vantage NZ $290

Teacher Training: Distance DELTA assessment L213

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Keywords: English Language

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