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By: Nzprovide  06-Dec-2011

StandIt™ is a simple way of adjusting your view of the laptop screen to provide a better ergonomic position to improve your posture. Simply attach an external mouse and keyboard to your notebook and then place it on the StandIt™.

  • means you don't have to buy expensive monitors or docking stations
  • lightweight (only 300 grams)
  • very portable (folds around your laptop and fits in most notebook bags)
  • assists in the dissipation of heat produced by your notebook
  • frees up more space on your desk
  • is nylon coated metal for durability and protection of your notebook
  • has a non slip rubber footing to keep it in place

Laptops come in various sizes and thicknesses. Some screens also open wider than others. To determine which version of the StandIt™ is the most suitable for you, simply answer the two questions in the table.

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