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By: Nz Invest  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Property Investment

NZINVEST offers a free Investment Consultancy service to assist our clients in identifying their long term financial ambitions. Our team can help you to implement a practical and affordable strategy to achieve your objectives.

Our Investment Consultants are passionate about property and experienced in guiding clients through the process of investing.

In our free consultation we will:

  1. Discuss your expectations for the lifestyle you want to have as your work activity declines and after you are fully retired
  2. Discuss what you need to do to prepare financially for your retirement and the timeframes within which you need start putting a plan in place
  3. Discuss the choices you have available to you
  4. Provide researched information to assist you in finding an investment solution that meets your individual needs, goals and aspirations
  5. Discuss the level of commitment that you will need to enable you to reach your goals within your desired timeframes
  6. Show you how to maintain control of and protect your investment
  7. Answer any investment related questions you have
  8. Leave you with a simple yet comprehensive framework for implementing a plan that matches your requirement needs.

This consultation is free of obligation and free of cost and is intended to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on whether property investment is the right means for you to achieve your goals.

Keywords: Property Investment

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We aim to assist our clients to achieve their dreams - whether that is to retire early or comfortably, take more holidays, start a business, spend more time with the family - without compromising their current lifestyle. NZINVEST strives to provide investment services that are cost-effective, affordable, transparent and correctly structured.


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Through property investment NZINVEST can show you how to plan for your future, maximise your cash flow during your working years and reduce your taxes, while putting your hard earned money to work. The primary motivation behind purchasing an investment property is to own an ‘income producing asset' to replace your income when you retire. Customise an individual investment strategy to create sufficient wealth to meet your goals.


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