Stay Healthy during the Christmas Holidays « Nousoma Health Centre

By: Nousoma  05-Apr-2012
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Stay Healthy during the Christmas Holidays « Nousoma Health Centre

It’s that time of year again!!

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by but I know I’m not mistaken as Christmas songs are playing on the radio and the shops and malls are decorated to the hilt with Christmas glitz

At this time of year it is very easy to find yourself running around searching for presents, attending one event after another, partying, drinking and generally ‘over indulging’.  It’s little wonder that by the time New Year comes around many of us are feeling exhausted, overweight and stressed.

Why not make a commitment to enter the New Year feeling refreshed, energized and slim. It’s not hard to do….  Below are 4 tips to consider and between now and Christmas day I’ll be adding more  tips.

  1. Exercise – just because it’s the holidays don’t stop your exercise régime.  Staying active
    will help you feel better and help your body rid itself of toxins.
  2. Water – talking of toxins don’t forget to drink plenty of water.  Make sure you drink glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink; this will help stop your body from dehydrating and assist your liver to process toxins.  If you have had one too many drinks then hold your middle finger to help your liver.
  3. Nutrition – if you find it difficult to say no to the chocolates and other Christmas food, just have a taste……. you don’t have to eat the whole thing.   Limit your portions size.    If you have over taxed your digestive system, hold your thumb as it will assist your stomach deal with the rich food.  Remember,  try to make healthy choices this Christmas by eating more fruit and vegetables
  4. Relaxation/Sleep – Christmas is a great opportunity time to catch up with all your friends and family but it’s also important to take some time out for YOU.
    Get plenty of rest and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  Your body does its house work during sleep; it cleans, restores and regenerates.  If you party every night and don’t get enough sleep you are not giving your body the opportunity it needs to keep your vitality at its optimum level.   It’s not going to make or break your life if you don’t go to EVERY party.

Above all, don’t be too hard on yourself, take each day as it comes and strive for a
healthier day the next day.

Be Well


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When it comes to the traditional Christmas pudding, for a healthy change, instead of serving it with brandy butter, try some natural yoghurt or even fresh fruit. Make sure you eat breakfast on Christmas day – this will help to fill you up and you will be less likely to snack on those Christmas chocolates. Most of the year we chose healthy and nutritious eating options but when Christmas comes around it all seems to go out of the window.